Getting to Know the Manitowoc Campus

Sitting on 40 acres of Lake Michigan coastline, UW-Green Bay’s Manitowoc campus is part of one of the nation’s most respected university systems. With an average class size of just 16, professors are able to engage with students on a personal level and guide them towards their goals for the future. There’s more to the Manitowoc campus, however than just outstanding academia; make yourself familiar with the top five must-sees of the Manitowoc campus.

The Lakefront

Just about anyone who has the opportunity to live lakeside can tell you that it’s one of the most serene experiences that life can provide and we are fortunate to have it in our backyard – literally! The back of the main campus building leads straight down to the beachfront. Not only do the Lake Michigan shores provide plenty of recreation options, it also provides the opportunity for research for students in the sciences.

University Theatre & Art Gallery

Arts programming on campus is just one way that the greater community intertwines with students during their time here. The University Theatre and art gallery provide a number of creative outlets for our students, as they gain a connection with local artists, musicians, and actors. The Manitowoc Theatre is comprised of a drama club, an improvisation group, the Lakeshore Wind Ensemble, and the Capitol Civic Centre Community Chorale. As for the art gallery, students, staff, faculty and community members are welcome to explore the rotating displays year-round – and even showcase their own work!

The Commons

The Commons is a centralized area in the main building on campus for students to relax, study and eat! Students can play a number of games, such as pool, and grab lunch from Blue Devil Grill, a restaurant operated by Broken Plate Catering. The Commons is also stocked with food and beverage vending machines for grab-and-go options. Brought your own lunch? Microwaves are available to heat those home-cooked meals.

The Library

The library has so much to offer – even beyond the physical resources that it holds! With floor to ceiling windows looking out at Lake Michigan, the library is the perfect peaceful place to study. Additional library resources are available online, giving students the ability to research and read no matter where they are! Still can’t find what you’re looking for? The Manitowoc campus library is also part of the UW Library System and Interlibrary Loan (ILL) program – which means books from other UW libraries and digital resources from around the world are right at your fingertips!

The Founders Hall Labs

Switching back to academics for just a moment, we wanted to make sure to show off our state-of-the-art science labs! These recently-renovated classrooms host classes for biology, chemistry, physics and nursing coursework. Another lab exists strictly for research – by students and faculty. If you’re lucky, you might pick a major that allows you to finish your bachelor’s degree – from start to finish – in these very rooms!

Blue Devil Athletics

Whether you’re looking to continue your sports career or just want to be a fan in the stands, be sure to check out what’s happening in the gym! The Manitowoc campus fields five teams that compete against other Wisconsin schools, in addition to the intramural programs, like football and baseball. Looking for a campus job? The athletic department also has work-study positions for game day responsibilities. Get involved whatever way fits your lifestyle.


We can’t wait to get you on campus and show you all of the great places and people that the Manitowoc campus has to offer! In the meantime, take a look at the daily life of a Manitowoc student.