Affording College – How Paige is Funding her Future

“I had close to zero career interests,” said Paige Anderson, Green Bay Preble High School graduate, and now junior at UW-Green Bay. As a first-generation student, Paige didn’t know if college was for her.  It was her high school psychology class that hooked her on learning about the human brain and behavior. Suddenly, Paige found something that intrigued her – a career she wanted to pursue.

Following a career path in psychology meant higher education was in the picture – tuition costs and all. Unfamiliar with the ins and outs of college applications, Anderson chose the college down the road as the place to start. “We never took a tour or visited the campus, despite living two minutes away, but [my mom] supported my decisions the entire time. I only applied to UW-Green Bay and had no idea how much it would cost until after I applied, but after seeing how much other colleges cost, I’m glad I picked UWGB.”

Since she lived nearby, Paige chose to forego dormitory living in order to save on housing costs. “To an extent, finances were a worry,” Anderson said, “I wouldn’t pay for housing and I knew I could get loans. I just had to make it work, college wasn’t negotiable.” Not-so-surprisingly, she was resilient and found a way to make it work, but filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) was only the beginning.

Paige took it upon herself to make her dream of college a reality. Beyond her financial aid package, she applied for UW-Green Bay scholarships. She scoured her community for additional financial aid. Anderson even worked a couple of jobs during her time at UW-Green Bay, including becoming a student ambassador. She was resourceful and tenacious – a true Phoenix in the making.

Looking back, Paige is proud of the decision she made: “I met the most amazing faculty. They are the academic guidance I needed and still look to when I need help. They treat you like you’re their own and they always have the students’ best interests in mind.” That’s the UW-Green Bay way. “I choose UWGB every day now, and I choose to be involved in my department because the psychology department makes you feel like you’re at home, you’re successful, you’re worthy, you’re important and that you’re going to make it out okay.”

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Paige grew up in Green Bay and will graduate in May 2021. She enjoys drawing, snacking and watching HGTV. Paige’s future plans include continuing her education to earn a Ph.D. in clinical psychology. She’s aiming to either work in psychiatric care or in the prison system while furthering her interests and research in acute early-life stress and the impacts on social, emotional, cognitive, and behavioral functioning.