Thanksgiving and Winter Break University Hours

Dear UW-Green Bay Faculty and Staff,

In accordance with the Office Hours and Institutional Closures Policy (HR 14-17-3), I am approving the closure of offices across UW-Green Bay (all locations) on November 25 and December 27-30. Area leaders will have the discretion to determine limited essential functions for these days in accordance with that policy. Individual employees may elect to work on a day in which their office has been closed, and any employees requesting to work should connect with their immediate supervisor to confirm. Employees who do not work on these specified dates will be required to take paid leave time (vacation, personal holiday, floating legal holiday) if their employment classification provides such leave. This closure does not represent an additional holiday. A majority of campus buildings will be closed during this period. For those in essential operations or those who choose to work in person on these dates, buildings will be accessible, but communication should be made with supervisors to ensure access is available. In addition to the dates mentioned prior, offices will be closed for observed legal holidays on December 26 and January 2.

When we have fewer people in buildings during low density times of the year, it also allows us to be more environmentally conscious with how we are heating buildings.

Please reach out to HR if you have further questions.

Michael Alexander
Michael Alexander