Funding from Governor Evers

Dear UW-Green Bay Faculty and Staff,

UW-Green Bay will receive $975,000 in one-time funding this fiscal year from the $30 million to support higher education that Governor Evers announced in his recent State of the State Address.  This money is completely flexible in its use, which is rare in higher education.  As a result, we have decided to use the funds to give all ongoing, budgeted employees a $1,000 bonus. The payment will be effective on 4/10/2022 for those who have active appointments on that date. Employees will see the payment (which is subject to standard taxes and deductions) on their 5/5/2022 paycheck.

In addition, temporary employees (including ad hoc instructional staff) will be eligible for a prorated bonus payment to be determined by their area leader. If employees have questions about their bonus payment, they should contact their supervisor after May 5, 2022.

I will take my bonus and donate it to the UW-Green Bay Foundation to support need-based aid for students.  I encourage employees who have the means to consider using part or all of their bonus to support our students as well.

This payment does not adequately reflect the work that everyone here does, but it is a direct way that we can show our appreciation in ways other than just words.  The work that you do matters to our students and to the future of our region and the state.  Thank you.


Michael Alexander