Self-Service Tech Help – Using the UWGB IT Knowledgebase

Have you ever encountered a tech issue and wanted to troubleshoot it yourself, but weren’t sure where to begin? For instance, say you and another instructor want to collaborate on course content and share Canvas materials with one another, but you’re unsure of the best way to do this. While you can email DLE or the CATL inbox for advice, you might prefer a quicker solution. Luckily, you can find an immediate answer to your Canvas question by using the UW-Green Bay IT Knowledgebase (UKnowIT). 

If that example doesn’t speak to you, perhaps this one will. Let’s say you are an instructor and one of your students emails you asking for an extension on an assignment due date. You know that Canvas has the capability to do this, and you’ve asked DLE in the past for help with this task. This time you want to try and do it yourself, and you turn to the UWGB IT Knowledgebase (UKnowIT) for guidance. It provides you with a quick answer and a step-by-step guide on how to extend the due date for an individual student on an assignment. What other helpful information is stored away in this knowledgebase? 

The UWGB IT Knowledgebase includes many short tech guides to help UWGB faculty and students on topics from Office 365 to Zoom operations. You can also find step-by-step instructions, complete with screenshots, for common Canvas issues (e.g., exporting grades, combining course sections, course dates/access, etc.). As an instructor, you can even link and share UKnowIT guides in your Canvas course to provide additional technology support for your students (e.g., understanding Canvas modules and organization, embedding files in a Canvas discussion, viewing instructor feedback in Canvas, etc.). 

Searching the IT Knowledgebase (UKnowIT) by typing “Canvas” and filtering through search results.

The UKnowIT is a great resource for UWGB instructors, students, and staff! Grow your confidence in troubleshooting common technology problems by consulting the knowledgebase to discover quick and easy solutions. When it comes to immediate Canvas help beyond what is available on the IT Knowledgebase (UKnowIT), there is even more support for instructors available like the Canvas 24/7 support line and a whole suite of step-by-step guides for each Canvas tool and setting.   

The following frequently searched topics and guides can be found on the UWGB IT Knowledgebase (UKnowIT):