Pop-Up Post-Election Discussion

With so many of us working remotely, we may struggle to find ways to discuss our experiences this election week, so CATL teamed up with Drs. David Voelker (History and Humanities) and Alison Staudinger (Democracy and Justice Studies, Political Science, and Women and Gender Studies) to offer an informal pop-up event.

David and Alison, who organized a “Dialogue Fellows” program a few years back, will co-facilitate a conversation this Friday, Nov. 6 on Microsoft Teams. The tentative time is 12 p.m.–1 p.m., but please stay tuned for updates on this post.

Click here to join the session via Microsoft Teams (UWGB login strongly encouraged)

While supporting students is one possible topic, participants will help direct our conversation.

Solidarity Café

Looking for a place to talk with colleagues and get some work done? The solidarity cafe is a place for you.  

Participants in our summer cohorts asked for a place to talk about teaching this fall and share stories about what’s working at the cafe is our response 

This cafe will be a virtual place, open to anyone who wants to drop in and chat with colleagues, work on assignments, share in successes, and swap tricks of the trade for teaching in these new environments. There won’t be live music, but there might be some live discussions. If you are looking for a place where we can support, learn from, and connect with each other in a semi-structured environment, the solidarity cafe is for you.

Those with UW-Green Bay credentials can Self-Register here.

Intellectual Road Trip

Someday, this semester will end, and we’ll look around, dazed, and start thinking about what it all means. The work of reflection is made richer when it is done with others— so that our own perspectives are contextualized and the possibilities for future action open up.

The Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning (CATL) and the Center for Civic Engagement (CCE) invite you to join on a week-long intellectual journey that focuses on trying to understand what COVID-19 has meant and will mean for our community at UWGB.  We also seek ways to move forward individually and collectively to create the institution we need, while also questioning who is included in the “we.” CCE and CATL invite members of the UWGB community who wish to explore these questions with us so that we can get a sense of where we’ve just been and how we might orient our campus community towards a just future.

Please read the call for instructions on how to sign-up and more about the “rules of the road.”

A few of the topics we’ll explore collectively are:

  • Ways incorporate discussions of the pandemic into courses through disciplinary lenses/contexts
  • Ways to  incorporate a framework – such as Universal Design,  Community of Inquiry, or Open Pedagogy – into courses/curriculum, which will enhance instruction in all modalities and make the pivot between modalities easier.
  • Ways to connect across disciplinary, staff/faculty and other divides to consider how to best support and build sustainable and meaningful community
  • Other ideas suggested by our fellow travelers

There’s room for 40 on this journey and participants will receive a $100 stipend.

Apply by May 8.

Coffee Klatches

While instructors are busily re-connecting with students, the Center also wants to help instructors and staff re-connect with one another.

We are organizing a series of “Coffee Klatches” where your colleagues will be offering answers the question: “What are you doing?” with a series of curated discussions.

Hope to see you all there!

Here is a list of the topics and times.
Facilitator(s) Topic Date and Time Link to recording
Bill Sallak What are you listening to? March 30, 1pm Recording
Ekaterina Levintova and Caroline Boswell What are you binging?: killer murder mystery edition April 1, 2pm Recording
Tara DaPra What are you writing (journaling)? April 7, 1pm Recording slides
Vicki Medland What can you start growing now? April 9, 1pm Recording slides
David Coury What are you watching? April 14, 1pm Recording
Bryan Carr, Julialicia Case, Chris Williams What are you playing? April 16, 1pm Recording
Alison Staudinger How are you engaging? (politically, socially, etc.) April 21, 1pm Recording
Jemma Lund What are you cooking/baking? April 28, 1pm Recording