LITE 120 Course: Canvas Accessibility Training

Are you interested in enhancing your understanding of accessible learning materials within Canvas? Creating courses with accessibility in mind provides our students with a better shot at success while also eliminating potential digital learning barriers. Perhaps you’ve previously engaged with Canvas accessibility tools, such as the Course UDOIT checker, and found deciphering accessibility reports to be overwhelming. Well, now is the time to learn more about leveraging such Canvas accessibility tools in your course. In addition to the other courses in the Teaching with Technology Certificate (previously the Distance Education Certificate), CATL is offering an additional supplemental professional development course. This course explores how to effectively utilize specific tools within the UWGB instance of Canvas, enabling you to proficiently scan for and address common accessibility challenges that may arise when creating learning materials within Canvas.

Learning and Integrating Technology for Education (LITE) 120: Canvas Accessibility Training will equip you with the guidance you need to create more inclusive and accessible digital teaching materials in Canvas. This course will provide you with information regarding key features in the Canvas Rich Content Editor (RCE) and how to use and interpret the results of the Rich Content Editor Accessibility Checker and the Course accessibility checker (UDOIT).

LITE 120 is an uncompensated, self-paced course that requires a small time commitment for instructors (about 4 hours) interested in learning the necessary skills to make their courses accessible and earn a Canvas Accessibility Training Badge.

Prerequisites: None (though completion of LITE 101 is recommended)

When: The course is open now. There is no deadline to register, so register at your earliest convenience!



Canvas Accessibility Training Badge

The owner of this badge demonstrated knowledge of how to use Canvas accessibility features to proficiently identify and address common accessibility issues, ensuring baseline accessibility for learning materials created and disseminated through the Canvas platform by completing the LITE 120: Canvas Accessibility Training course.

Badge Earning Criteria:

  • Reviewed the accessibility features specific to the UWGB Canvas platform such as the Canvas Accessibility Checker and Course accessibility checker (UDOIT) as well as reviewed common accessibility issues found in learning materials created using the Canvas Rich Content Editor (RCE).
  • Demonstrated how to use UWGB Canvas accessibility features like the Canvas Accessibility Checker and UDOIT to effectively create learning materials with baseline accessibility standards.


If you have questions regarding LITE 120 or Canvas accessibility in general, please contact CATL (