Sophomore Slump

We all hear about it, but I didn’t experience it until this semester, and boy did it hit me like a ton of bricks!  Sophomore slump is in full force for me and I know it can be extremely difficult to overcome if you don’t have the proper tools to avoid it.  It’s all the same, whether it be my sophomore slump or your high school ‘senioritis’ (which can also be a nasty bug to catch!),  all the motivation to do well in school is totally lost.  Students say they often feel depressed or confused, with no motivation or desire to go to class or do homework.  Sound familiar?  If so, you’ve caught the bug!   Here are some homemade remedies just for you… Continue reading Sophomore Slump

Spring Break: My Way

Hey bloggers and blog readers!

Spring break is over, and its time to start getting back into the swing of things for the rest of the semester. But before I do, I wanted to share my spring break experience with you all. This year, I decided to forgo the beaches and have a relaxing spring break at home. It was nice to catch up on sleep, vege out on the couch, and not have to work about Chemistry homework for an entire week! I also spent a lot of quality time with my family and friends from home and even perfected my golf swing for when Shorewood opens. The only down side to my break was the timing. The majority of my friends from home still had class, or had already been on spring break, so it was difficult to find time to hang out. My friends who are still in High School also had classes during the week, so the only time I could see them were on the weekends. But never fear! We’ll all get a chance to hang out when we go home this weekend for Easter! Continue reading Spring Break: My Way

Admitted & Committed

Admitted students day was this past Friday, March 5th!

Students who have already been admitted for the fall ’10 semester had the opportunity to revisit and rediscover all of the wonderful and exciting things that UWGB has to offer them. Students participated in fun activities like basketball at the Kress, unlimited games at the Phoenix Club, and pictures in the University Bookstore display window while modeling their FREE t-shirt! Continue reading Admitted & Committed

From the Heart

Hey Bloggers!

This past weekend, I’ve had a life changing experience! I was able to attend one of the most influential and inspirational leadership conferences in my entire life, called Leadership From the Heart.  This leadership conference was brought to UWGB by Student Life, and was free to all students willing to apply.  At first, I was a little skeptical about committing my entire weekend to one conference, but after the first couple of hours all of my inhibitions were gone!  This conference changed my entire outlook on life, teaching me to step outside of my own comfort zone to achieve success.  By the end of this conference, I truly believe that I have changed for the better and have become more confident in myself and my work.  I encourage everyone (if you have the opportunity) to attend this leadership conference, or one like it to better yourselves  as a person and as a leader.  You won’t regret it! Continue reading From the Heart

See for Yourself

Hey guys!

Spring semester is underway here in Green Bay, and I’m really looking forward to new classes, new friends, and (let’s face it) a new season without any snow.  With spring coming up fast, most of you high school seniors (along with the expert guidance from your parents and friends) have already made or are making your final decisions as to which University you should attend.  For myself, a variety of different factors were important in making my decision for college, but after I visited the campus I was 100% sure I wanted to come to UW-Green Bay. Continue reading See for Yourself