AUDITION NOTICE: Measure for Measure by William Shakespeare



Measure for Measure

Thursday, September 7th, 2023

6:00pm-9:00pm in University Theatre

Please visit the following link to select a 5-minute audition slot: If you have trouble with the website or have any questions, please contact Sera Shearer ( to schedule by email. Audition forms and intimacy disclosures (below) may be sent in electronic form to Sera Shearer, or may be turned in upon check-in for your chosen audition time. Extra forms will be available on audition day.

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Intimacy Disclosure Form M4M

MfM Audition pieces

UW-Green Bay Theatre and Dance welcomes ALL current UWGB students to participate in all aspects of production work. Theatre & Dance majors and minors are expected to work on at least one production each semester to further the techniques and methods being taught in their coursework.

Production Information:

Directed by Alan Kopischke

First Rehearsal: Monday, September 11th

Tech Rehearsals: Saturday, October 28th through Wednesday, November 1st

Public Performances: November 2nd, 3rd, and 4th at 7:30pm

WITF Showcase Performance: November 16th

Measure for Measure will be considered for participation in the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival. The Region 3 Festival will take place January 10th through January 14th, 2024 in Flint, Michigan. Should the production be invited to the Festival, all participants will be expected to attend.


The Bohemians – Lucio, Elbow, Froth, Overdone, Pompey – will be portrayed as Trans, Nonbinary, and outrageously presenting members of the LGBTQ+ community.

Other roles will be cast with an open eye regarding the gender identity of both character & actor, but the gender identity of the role will be a consideration for some characters.

In sum, audition for the role(s) you want regardless of gender identity.

Although there are no scenes of intimacy, the scenes between Angelo & Isabella are fraught with sexual tension and threat. The Bohemians are notable for their casual and open approach to physicality and sexuality. There will be some playfully flirtatious interactions (including some touch) between them.

Please consider all of the above as you prepare to audition in September.

The Setting: Venice Township, Michigan – the 1920s


  • Duke Vincentio – Ruler (Mayor?) for many years of Venice, a community with strict moral laws that have not been enforced in many years. The Duke is authoritative, driven, clever, manipulative and charming. A large and demanding role.
  • Isabella – A young pledge to the nunnery. Isabella is strict and unforgiving, smart and persuasive. A large and demanding role.
  • Angelo – An aide to the Duke. Reputed to be unimpeachably moral and dedicated to strict adherence to the law. But power and lust can change things. A large and demanding role.
  • Lucio – A frivolous, hilarious member of the common folk and the queer community. Daringly witty and mocking. A large role.
  • Escalus – An aide to the Duke. Highly efficient and cautious, loyal and reserved. A moderately large role.
  • Provost – The Duke’s chief law and order aide. An efficient and empathetic person of integrity. A moderately large role.
  • Pompey – A bumbling and hilarious bawd (procurer, pimp) and member of the common folk and the queer community. Much like the Thenardiers in Les Miz, but not smart. A moderately large role.
  • Claudio – Isabella’s brother. An earnest young man who has impregnated his fiancee. His death sentence for this ‘crime’ terrifies him. A moderately large, but emotionally demanding role.
  • Elbow – A bumbling and hilarious constable and member of the common folk and the queer community. Similar to Dogberry in Much Ado about Nothing. A smaller, but significant role.
  • Mariana – Angelo’s former betrothed. Loyal and loving, long-suffering and kind. A smaller, but significant role
  • Friar Peter – Close friend of the Duke’s. Loyal and upright. Indignant over injustices. A smaller, but significant role.
  • Mistress Overdone – The proprietor of the Venice Jazz Joint (VJJ) and member of the common folk and the queer community. VJJ is both jazz club and brothel. Overdone is over the top and over the hill. A smaller, but significant role.
  • Froth – An aimless but witty person of some means who prefers to hang out with the common folk and is a member of the queer community. A smaller role.
  • Juliet – Claudio’s very pregnant fiancee. Despondent over Claudio’s death sentence. A smaller role.
  • Abhorson – The Duke’s executioner of few words. Blunt, intimidating. A smaller role.

At Auditions:

Monologues from Measure for Measure will be available to read.

You give yourself the best chance at securing a more substantial role if you come prepared with:

  • a memorized monologue of Shakespearean verse (prose is fine if auditioning for a smaller role)
  • (next best chance) a memorized monologue by another playwright as well as a prepared reading of a Shakespeare monologue
  • (next best chance) a memorized monologue by another playwright as well as a cold reading of a Shakespeare monologue
  • (next best chance) a cold reading of a Shakespeare monologue

The above is the hierarchy of what is likely to be most effective, but all are encouraged to audition and will be given a full opportunity to secure a role.

More than a dozen possible Measure for Measure audition monologues are available in their cut version. A verse monologue (identifiable by capital letters at the beginning of each line) is recommended for larger roles. Please contact Director Alan Kopischke ( if you would like to arrange a time over the summer to help select or work on an audition monologue.


Friday, September 8th

6:00pm-9:00pm in University Theatre

Performers invited to callbacks will receive an email the evening of September 7th with all relevant information, and a callback list will be posted on the callboard Friday morning. Those called back will receive specific instructions upon notification, and should plan to stay for the duration of the callback session.

If you are interested in auditioning but are unable to attend the first audition, please contact Production Manager Sera Shearer ( as soon as possible. Every effort will be made to schedule an alternative time.

Perusal Scripts for Measure for Measure will be available for 1-day checkout in TH 331. You are strongly encouraged to read the script prior to auditioning. Please note that some roles are being combined or cut and the script is being trimmed.

It is our intention to post a complete cast and crew list on the Theatre Hall callboard by Monday, September 11th. If you are not cast and indicate an interest in crew, you will be assigned to that crew pending availability. If the crew you are interested in is full, you will be contacted by the Production Manager to select a new crew role.

Students cast in Theatre Mainstage productions are required to register for Theatre 336 – Production Practicum: Performance for 1 credit hour.

Interested in crew? Visit the Design Suite (TH172) for more information!