Chicago Area Native Rogers Rises in Phoenix Community

For Aisa Rogers, UW-Green Bay has been the perfect place for her to branch out and grow.

“Coming from a sort of a dead-end suburban area south of Chicago, I wanted to get out and make something of myself where I could be proud of myself, who I am becoming, and make my mom proud of me,” she says, “I fell in love with the idea that you could pass someone once and recognize them the next day, which is something you don’t get within a big city too often.”

It is evident that Rogers’ passion lies with the arts. Now a senior, Rogers is pursuing a degree in theatre with an emphasis in musical theatre, and a minor in dance. She has big dreams to work as a voice actress and also in camera and stage productions. Outside of her degree, Rogers has been
painting and sketching for many years as a stress-relieving hobby.

Rogers received the Weidner Family Endowment Scholarship in Theatre and Dance. As an out-of-state student from a big family with other siblings in college, Rogers understands firsthand just how impactful scholarships can be. “It’s just my mother supporting us all,” she shares, “Any help I receive to lift that burden from her makes me immensely grateful.”

As an active member of the Phoenix community, Rogers was involved with the Black Student
Union, Alternate Theatre, and Leaders Igniting Transformation. Also serving as a Student
Ambassador, Rogers fostered a welcoming environment for new UW-Green Bay students. Rogers graduated in May 2022.

“I like to think that everyone’s journey through college is like a tree…Your colors will be as
vibrant as the reds and oranges and yellows of fall, and sometimes you’ll lose your leaves and
become discouraged,” she says, “Even through all of the struggles to stay upright in the strong
winds, balancing all of the leaves you blossom in the spring, your journey is a beautiful
experience that you can shape however you want it to be.”

Interview and article by UW-Green Bay student Kaia Stueck

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