Scholarship Inspires Ryan Thieme’s Passions, Big Dreams

Ryan Thieme said it best when he shared “the people and the culture at UW-Green Bay make it a place that feels like home.”

When searching for colleges, Thieme wanted to attend a school with strong academic programs and valuable skiing opportunities. During a visit to UW-Green Bay, he found exactly what he was looking for.

UW-Green Bay student Ryan Thieme
Ryan Thieme is a sophomore majoring in human biology, and a member of the Nordic Ski team at UW-Green Bay.

“It didn’t take long for me to envision myself coming here,” he said. 

Now a sophomore, Thieme is a member of the UW-Green Bay Nordic Ski Team and has a passion for athletics, both in his free time and on the team. One of his aspirations while at UW-Green Bay is to grow the Nordic Ski program.  

Thieme is pursuing a degree in Human Biology with an emphasis in Exercise Science, and a minor in Psychology. He believes this will best prepare him for a career as a physical therapist.  

The impact of generous donations resonates with him as he continues his journey at UW-Green Bay. The scholarships he has been awarded support his efforts to be a dedicated student, athlete and community member while lessening the financial pressure.  

“Not only do scholarships make my academic pursuits a reality, but they enable me to be focused and well-rounded in my pursuits, and contribute positively to UW-Green Bay and the surrounding community,” Thieme said. 

Thieme knew college was the right path for him and has advice for those considering higher education: “If a high school student decides that college is the best path for them, I would advise them to seek out any opportunities they can to make it more feasible.” 

For Thieme, one of those opportunities was applying for scholarships at UW-Green Bay. He was the proud recipient of the Butch Reimer Scholarship and the Scott Wochos Nordic Ski Scholarship during the 21-22 academic year.

Interview and article by UW-Green Bay student Kaia Stueck.

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