Student Profile: Samira Bare, ’24 Received Ferguson Phuture Phoenix Scholarship

Dreaming big was easy for Samira Bare. Choosing to pursue college was complicated. She knew it was the next stop on the path to her dream career. Additionally, she aspired to be a role model for others in her family. Having received a scholarship made it easier.


It was a Phuture Phoenix field trip that led Bare to consider attending UW-Green Bay.


“I saw how big and beautiful the campus was when we were on tour,” she says, “Being accepted has been one of my greatest accomplishments.”


Bare is proud to have graduated from high school early as a junior, and to be engaged in the Phoenix community. As vice president of the Muslim Student Association, she connects with fellow Muslim students and the community as a whole.


Bare is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree, with a minor in Psychology. She wants to work as a neonatal intensive care nurse and eventually become a pediatric nurse practitioner. To achieve this, Bare plans pursue advanced degrees in nursing.


For many students like Bare, scholarships allow them to purchase essential course materials and equipment. Given the online component of many classes, Bare’s scholarship allowed her to purchase a laptop. Bare is the recipient of the Larry and Kayleen Ferguson Phuture Phoenix Scholarship.


“Having a computer gave me access to my coursework and eased many things,” she shared. “Scholarships to me are a blessing. … It means that I have supporters by my side.”


Bare describes UW-Green Bay as “a campus where you’re always safe; a place where your health is looked upon in case you need anything; and lastly, a place where you feel welcomed no matter where you’re from and how you look. …To me, UW-Green Bay means home.”


Written by Kaia Stueck, ’24 Democracy and Justice Studies (Women’s and Gender Studies Emphasis), History, Political Science, and Public Administration (Public and Nonprofit Management Emphasis).

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  1. Hi Kaia, I enjoyed reading your article. It is always good to hear about young people who are enthusiastic for the future.

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