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Spring Semester Casting

Communicating Doors


Reece………….Conrad Kamshulte

Julian………… Andy Delaurelle

Poopay……….. Stephanie Frank

Ruella………… Mariah Himmelwright

Jessica………..Kate Akerboom

Harold………..Tyler Miles

Thanks to everyone who auditioned.  Cast members can pick up a script from John before the break.

Please register for Performance Practicum, Theatre 336, section 1 (3280) 1 credit


Censored on Final Approach


PFC Donald Foster                           Tyler Miles

Catherine Watts                                Hannah Blecha

Elizabeth Langley                             Ashley Skoglund

Gerry Hansen                                     Ashley Wisneski

Mary O’Connor                                  Sydney Haessly

Jaqueline Cochran                           Stephanie Frank

Major John Stephenson                 Andrew Delaurelle

Lieutenant Paul Ryder                     Randy Tranowski

Wayne Langhorn                              Cody Galligan

Pilot/ Service man                             Adam Meyer

Artillery Officer                                  Evan Ash

Artillery Trainee                                Scott Klaperich

Please register for Performance Practicum, Theatre 336, section 2 (3281) 1 credit

I want to thank everyone who came and auditioned and worked hard during the callbacks. I wish I had more parts. There was NO one left out because there where less good. I was a hard balance of folks who are talented.

I am so excited to start working on this! Even   if you are not cast, know my rehearsals are always open.



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