Marcelo Cruz

“I received my Masters degree in Urban Design from the Graduate School of Architecture and Urban Planning at UCLA in 1983 coming from Ecuador, I made Los Angeles my home. In 1994, I received a PH.D in Urban Planning. I didn’t know much about Green Bay nor Wisconsin when I came out here in August of 1994. Wisconsin has been good to me and my students have taught me much about the upper Midwest and urbanism. My professional career has led me to be on the Design committee on Broadway revitalizing the commercial street, transportation commissioner for Green Bay Metro Bus for four years and with my students have worked on many design and planning projects with many communities in Northeast Wisconsin. My research on Latinos in urban Wisconsin and Indigenous Planning has been very rewarding. UWGB has allowed me to grow professionally and has allowed me to take students back home to Ecuador in one of the longest travel courses for the university.”
Associate Professor, Public & Environmental Affairs
He | His | Him
Hometown: Quito, Ecuador
Started in 1994

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