Student Profile: Justice Saxby, ’23, Receives Carol R. DeGroot Scholarship in Environmental Science

Justice Saxby has always been conscious of sustainability. Once she realized that she could pursue higher education with a focus on environmental protection, she knew it was the right path for her. When considering attending UW-Green Bay, Saxby felt a strong connection to the Eco U™. 

“Once I found out they had a really good program here, that put it at the top of my list.” 

A first-generation student, Saxby is double majoring in Environmental Science and Geoscience. She wants to research climate change and work with companies to find ways to combat it to ensure a better, greener future.  

“I couldn’t just sit back and do nothing and watch from the sidelines.” 

Independently financing her education, scholarships hold a great significance to Saxby. She knows firsthand how a scholarship can change a student’s life and is grateful to have received one. 

“Even the smallest amount can make a difference.” 

Her scholarship allows her to excel both in the classroom and as a part of the Phoenix community. She hopes to show her donors gratitude by making a difference in the world. As a freshman, she is actively involved in the UW-Green Bay chapter of Circle K, the Geology Club, intramurals, and a new UW-Green Bay group: Eco-Friendly Phoenix.  

With the aid of her scholarship, Saxby has excelled in her first year at UW-Green Bay. For those considering joining the Phoenix family, she believes that the size of the campus allows for unique, individualized experiences.  

“If you’re looking for a very personal experience where your professors know who you are,” she says, “I would definitely pick Green Bay…I think that’s actually a really important step if you really have a career where you know what you’re doing and feel comfortable.”

Written by Kaia Stueck ’24, Student at UW-Green Bay.

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