Ben Gilles is grateful for scholarships that will allow him to graduate debt free

“When I was young, I was so focused on golf that I was thinking about being a professional golfer,” says Ben Gilles, a human biology major.

“I competed on several state championship teams so being a part of that experience, it was one of my goals to be a Division I student athlete. I was fortunate to receive an athletics scholarship here at Green Bay. I am now a senior and time has flown by. I have had an excellent experience at UW-Green Bay.”

Experiences as a volunteer have opened his eyes to the health care needs of our communities, and how he can make a difference. He now has refocused his energies on becoming a dentist.

“I’ve had so many people in my life that have helped me and shaped me as an individual,” he says, including his parents, who were instrumental players in encouraging strong academics and a strong work ethic on the golf course.

Having not only athletics scholarship support but also earning academic scholarships means that Gilles will graduate debt free. It’s the pay off, he says, to years of hard work — a lifetime, really, going back to the first time he took a swing at a golf ball.

“(Having scholarships have) allowed me to clear my mind and focus on my coursework without stressing about the finances, worrying about what I’m going to be able to get at the grocery store,” he says.

“You work hard and you dedicate a lot of your time, make sacrifices, and so when you finally receive the scholarship, it really highlights that all of your work is starting to pay off in the long run.”

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