Guest Blogger: Practicing Metacognitive Skills

Amy Ramponi
Amy Ramponi

During the keynote address at the EPIC Conference in October, we heard from Dr. Gurung about the benefits of students practicing their metacognitive skills and their understanding of the material by using practice tests. This was a new classroom practice for me – and I’ve begun using two methods to do this. First, I’ve made PDFs using the test generator that came with my text. Pretty old school technology. The other is a bit more technology-forward, and I’ve become a huge fan. The website is and it is, quite honestly, awesome. The site is simple to use and allows teachers to make quick, easy formative assessments and practice tests to test for student understanding and comprehension. The site allows teachers to frontload quick questions, assessments, and quizzes for student use and practice. You can ask true or false questions, multiple choice questions, and/or open-ended questions and student responses can be anonymous or have their name attached. Given the classroom code, students can practice over-and-over again and the teacher can see their results and number of attempts. Such a great way to monitor student understanding. Another benefit is/could be paperless tests and/or quizzes and also take-homes exams. Teachers can also share their tests or quizzes with other teachers very easily. I highly recommend for any of your classroom formative or summative assessment needs!

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