Mentoring as a Super Power

Pat Mitchell is a groundbreaking media icon, global advocate for women’s rights and co-founder and curator of TEDWoman. She is also a passionate mentor. She believes mentoring “can close the gender gap in leadership in this country and around the world.”

In her book, Becoming a Dangerous Woman: Embracing Risk to Change the World, which is part memoir and part call to action, she connects mentoring with “being dangerous.”

“By ‘dangerous,’” says Mitchell, “I don’t mean being feared. I mean being fearless. Speaking up for truth. Showing up for one other and challenging the social construct that encourages women to complete, compare and criticize.”

As part of TED’s “How to Be a Better Human” series, she offers straightforward advice from her experience on how to show up for women and be a better mentor:

  • Being a mentor means matching your skills and interests.
  • Being a mentor takes time.
  • Being a mentor is about suggesting, not instructing.
  • Being a mentor is about asking smart questions, not having all the answers.
  • Not all mentorship ends with a sense of satisfaction.
  • You’re a mentor, not a mother.
  • Being a mentor can result in lifelong relationships that continue to nurture and empower.


Mentoring Certificate Program
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