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Caregiving is Fundamental to our Collective Thinking

Care 100 List

It’s a new year and now a new President. If you need inspiration for re-imagining and re-humanizing our care system, check out the Care 100 List, a first-of-its-kind list of dynamic leaders tackling the problems and opportunities of care in this country, guided by the belief that “care is fundamental to our collective thriving.”

The criteria for inclusion was:

  • Re-imagining the field
  • Anti-racist and anti-sexist
  • Human-centered
  • Silo-busting
  • Expectation-raising
  • Unapologetically joyful
  • Imaginative and solving real problems for real people

The list is less concerned with where contributors work – encompassing start-ups, corporations, nonprofit organizations, government, education and the arts – and more interested in how they work. The list includes 10 honorees in 10 approaches to care:

Warriors – bending the moral arc of the care universe
Builders – taking ideas and making them real
Weavers – helping people connect, knowing how to make them feel “seen”
Pioneers – forging the path the rest of us are trying to walk and widen
Backers – changing the reality of care investment
Dignifiers – elevating critical care work to its rightful place in our society
Truth-Tellers – telling fresh, accurate stories about who we are and how we show up for one another
Healers – understanding that life is interwoven with loss and resilience
Educators – enlightening us on how to help and how to ask for help
Visionaries – seeing beyond the horizon to the policies, products and cultural jumpstarts that will better our common life
Read 100 stories about real change-makers, including “warriors” like Katie Bethell, founder of PL+US, a long-time champion for families with a track record of spearheading impactful policy change, who is leading a movement to make paid leave the norm, not the exception.

The Care 100 List also came up with a list of the “five most powerful ideas” that they believe will be the most durable and transformative based on the year 2020 was and the vulnerabilities exposed by coronavirus.

  1. We are re-imagining where and how we age.
  2. We are pushing back against isolation
  3. We are dignifying and professionalizing care work.
  4. We are pricing and paying for care in new ways.
  5. We are painting a more accurate picture of our nation’s families.

New Dates Available for Train-the-Trainer
The Wisconsin Caregiver Academy has scheduled new train-the-trainer sessions through June 2021. When taking a train-the-trainer course, employees can become state-approved trainers for assisted living providers. This eliminates the cost and burden of having to bring in outside trainers into your facility to train staff. You, an employee or a consultant can become a state-approved trainer!

See All Dates by Topic:

Medication Administration
Standard Precautions
Fire Safety
First Aid and Choking

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