Photo memory 41 - Shorewood Club

Shorewood Club

Photo memory 41 - Shorewood Club
Photo memory 41 - Shorewood Club

In this photo three young men sit at a table in the Shorewood club playing cards. Do you know who they are? Does this photo bring back memories? Please share your comments below.

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  1. The photo was most likely taken during the 1973-74 school year. The three men were all members of the Vets Club. David Nooyen is on the left. I don’t recall the names of the other two. At that time, it was legal to consume beer at the age of eighteen in Wisconsin. Consequently, the club featured a rather large bar and sold vast quantities of beer on weekends. Nooyen (also a student) was the bar manager from 72 thru 74. I was the student manager for the club from 70 thru 74. All of our bartenders were members of the Vets Club.

  2. I do not recognize the three men, but I do recognize the table. Tuesday nights at the Shorewood Club you could get a pitcher of beer and a pizza for $1.75 (1974-1976).

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