Now that UWGB has the LGBTQ Resource Center as a place for LGBTQ students to connect on campus, it is only natural that alums have a way to connect too, at least through Facebook. We are proud to announce the creation of the UWGB LGBTQ Alumni Network. Much like geographical Alumni Networks, the UWGB LGBTQ Alumni Network is a way to connect, keep in touch, and network with other alums in the LGBTQ community. The Facebook group is a closed group in which you need to request to join, but this allows only the members of the group to see the wall and postings. If you want to be a part of the LGBTQ Alumni Network simply find us on Facebook and ask to join!

Additionally we would like to get together as the LGBTQ Alumni Network at least once a year, if not more! While at Pride Alive, a group of UWGB alumni talked with the individuals at the LGBTQ Resource Center booth, and indicated a desire to have a place for UWGB LGBTQ alumni to meet and socialize. Hopefully the creation of the LGBTQ Alumni Network will provide for these opportunities. Join the UWGB LGBTX Network here.