Business Week 2022: February-March 2022

The Cofrin School of Business is excited to announce Business Week 2022!

The events offered during Business Week ensure that our students leave with experiences that prepare them to impact businesses from day one.  Key experiential learning opportunities for this year’s Business Week are:

  • Elevator Pitch – February 22nd – Students have 60 seconds to pitch why they would be a great hire. Community members and potential employers are welcome to attend and network.
  • Keynote Address and Networking Dinner – March 1st – Held on the stage of the Weidner Center. We are excited to announce that our speaker this year will be Koenraad Driessens.  Koenraad is a UW-Green Bay alum and former student athlete.   He is a director at Denham Capital, a global energy and resources (oil and gas, power and mining) private equity firm.
  • Student Innovation pitch competition, in partnership with WiSys – March 4th – Stay tuned for more details!
  • Additional events include visiting lectures, presentations, workshops

Further information will be posted over the coming months on our social media pages, so be sure to follow us:

National Alumni Career Mobility Survey (NACM)

UW-Green Bay has partnered with the Career Leadership Collective, a higher education solutions group, to conduct a national online survey to collect career pathway data from alumni. The National Alumni Career Mobility Survey (NACM) will be open from November 1, 2021 through January 15, 2022, seeking career satisfaction and insights from college and university alumni who completed bachelor’s degrees in calendar years 2011 and 2016. The data collected by this survey will be used to help our institution better understand the professional pathways of our graduates and prepare future alumni for continued and improved career success. If you are a 2011 or 2016 graduate, please watch for more information on this important survey.


About the Career Leadership Collective:

The Career Leadership Collective is a higher education solutions group that provides advisory and data services to assist campuses in building capacity around career development effectiveness. The National Alumni Career Mobility Survey is their signature survey.

Center for Personal Financial Planning

The Center for Personal Financial Planning (CPFP) launched our Phoenix Personal Financial Planning Student Association and held our first-ever kick-off event, and we have membership in the teens. We organized for student members to attend a local Green Bay Current Young Professionals Chamber event in which a BMO Harris presented timely retirement planning education to professionals. Opportunities like these elevate our student’s professional development spirits and welcome them into the world of financial planning. Currently, our Personal Financial Planning Minor enrollment is approaching double digits. The CPFP will also host its first community outreach financial education (FinEd) presentations to two groups. One student group and one local community group. Excitingly, there is more to come!

Learn more about the Center for Personal Financial Planning here.

Surprise Visitor in the Nursing Skills Center

Photo caption:  Junior nursing students show UW System President Thompson and Chancellor Alexander what they are learning in an advanced nursing skills course. Also pictured, assistant professor Dr. Susan Hopkinson and Director of Nursing Dr. Christine Vandenhouten.

While on campus for the investiture of Chancellor Alexander on September 30, 2021, Interim UW System President Tommy Thompson made a visit to the Aurora BayCare Medical Center Nursing Skills Center.  The former Wisconsin Governor added this stop to his itinerary when offered the chance to visit with nursing students in an advanced nursing skills course in the newly renovated facility. Once on site, he met each student, asking where they were from, what inspired them to be nurses, and why they chose UW-Green Bay.  He praised the students for their desire become nurses and soon fill critically needed positions in the Wisconsin nursing workforce.

The newly renovated Aurora BayCare Medical Center Nursing Skills Center serves as a hub for learning clinical skills including clinical courses with hands-on learning (e.g., IV insertion) and simulation of clinical events using hi-tech patient mannequins, and open lab student practice time. The Center is in Wood Hall (3rd floor).

Learn more about the about the 4-year nursing program.


July 15 Phoenix Forum: How to Foster a True Love of Lifelong Learning

Join us on Thursday, July 15 from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. for the next Phoenix Forum virtual speaker event, How to Foster a True Love of Lifelong Learning, and learn from focused and passionate UW-Green Bay’s experts.

Learning shouldn’t end after graduation. In fact, one of the most valuable skills you can take from college is the ability to acquire knowledge and grow on your own. In this panel discussion, Kelli Strickland, Chuck Rybak, and Ryan Martin will discuss approaches to lifelong learning rooted in the arts, humanities, and social sciences. From continuing to read after college, to engaging with the performing arts, to harnessing the power of your brain’s natural motivation to learn, the speakers will offer concrete strategies on how your education can continue even when you’re no longer in school.

The presenters will speak on the following lifelong learning topics:
      • Chuck: “Books as meditation: Why you should keep reading after college.
      • Kelli: “The Arts As Escapism, Unifier and Provocateur.”
      • Ryan: Curiosity as an Exploration Bonus: Our Built-in Desire to Know Stuff

Once registered, you will be emailed a link to the event.

UW-Green Bay Nursing Students Step to Front Lines

UW-Green Bay Nursing student, Precious Yang draws up the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine to immunize a patient at the Lakeshore Community Health Center in Manitowoc on Friday, March 26, 2021. Observing the nursing student, left, Christine Vandenhouten, chair of Nursing & Health Studies at UW-Green Bay.

Nursing students at UW-Green Bay were enlisted to help rollout the state’s COVID-19 vaccination effort at 13 sites in Northeast Wisconsin. With the leadership of Professor Chris Vandenhouten and nursing faculty, nursing students have provided more than 700 hours vaccinating and educating at COVID vaccination sites in February and March alone. Additionally, nursing faculty have contributed 77 hours toward vaccination efforts during this period. Students were eligible for academic credit for their participation, as well as real-world experience.

• The UW System offered $500 tuition credits to nursing students who provided 16 hours of work in vaccine and rapid testing clinics at the state’s 13 universities, allowing an opportunity for the more than 4,000 nursing students statewide to
receive real-world experience during a time when traditional clinical experiences were limited because of the virus.

• UW-Green Bay hosted one of the state’s COVID-19 surge-testing sites—a partnership between the UW System’s 13 universities and the U.S. Department of
Health and Human Services.

• Prevea Health partnered with UW-Green Bay to launch four community COVID-19 vaccine clinics at its campuses in Green Bay, Manitowoc, Marinette and Sheboygan. As of mid-May, more than 105,000 vaccinations had been  administered at the University campuses.

UW-Green Bay Majors by College

Austin E. Cofrin School of Business (CSB)

AAS-Business Interest
Actuary Science
Business Administration
Executive Impact MBA
Human Resource Management
International Business
International Studies
Managerial Accounting
Managerial Systems
Master of Science in Cybersecurity
Master of Science in Data Science
Master of Science in Management
Personal Financial Planning

College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences (CAHSS)

AAS–Arts and Humanities Interest
American Indian Studies
Analysis Synthesis
Arts and Visual Design
Arts Management
Associate of Arts
Bachelor of General Studies
Communication Action (became Communication and the Arts)
Communication and the Arts
Communication Processes
Communication Sciences
Corporate Communication
Democracy and Justice Studies
Design Arts
English: Literature and Language
Environmental Planning
Environmental Policy and Planning
First Nation Studies
French and Francophone Studies
French: Literature and Language
German: Literature and Language
Global Studies
Growth and Development
Human Adaptability
Human Development
Humanism and Cultural Change (became Humanistic Studies)
Humanistic Studies
Individual Major
Information and Computing Science
Information Sciences
Integrated Leadership Studies
Interdisciplinary Studies
Master of Arts
Master of Science in Administrative Science
Modern Languages
Modernization Processes (became Social Change & Development)
Music / Applied Music
Organizational Leadership
Personal Concentration
Political Science
Population Dynamics
Public Administration
Public and Environmental Administration
Regional Analysis
Social Change and Development (now DJS)
Social Gerontology
Spanish: Literature and Language
Theatre and Dance
University Without Walls
Urban Analysis (became Urban Studies)
Urban and Studies
Urban Studies
Visual Arts
Women and Gender Studies
Women and Gender Studies
Writing and Applied Arts

College of Health, Education, and Social Welfare (CHESW)

AAS-Health/Ed/Soc Wel Interest
Bachelor of Social Work
BSN Nurse 1-2-1
Elementary Education
First Nation Education doctorate
Health Information Management Technology
Master of Science in Applied Leadership for Teaching & Learning
Master of Science in Community Human Services
Master of Science in Health and Wellness Management
Master of Science in Nursing
Master of Science in Nursing Leadership and Management in Health Systems
Master of Social Work
Medical Techonology
Secondary Education
Social Work
Traditional Nursing

College of Science, Engineering, and Technology (CSET)

AAS-Sci/Engineer/Tech Interest
Computer Science
Earth Science
Ecosystems Analysis
Electrical Engineering
Engineering Technology
Environmental Control
Environmental Science
Human Biology
Master in Environmental Arts and Sciences
Master of Science
Master of Science in Athletic Training
Master of Science in Biotechnology
Master of Science in Environmental Science and Policy
Master of Science in Nutrition and Integrated Health
Master of Science in Sustainable Management Systems
Masters in Environmental Studies
Mechanical Engineering
Natural and Applied Sciences
Nutritional Sciences
Science and Environmental Change
Water Science