Now’s the Time to Tell High School Students about UWGB!

acceptedUWGB1-2Now’s the time to start talking to every student you know, your children, nieces, nephews, grandchildren and friends, about UW-Green Bay. Juniors in Wisconsin will be taking their ACTs in March. Seniors are still able to apply and seniors who’ve been accepted will be making their final decisions. For more information about how to enroll at UWGB, visit If you would like a UWGB representative to reach out to your student, please contact Assistant Director of Admissions Jen Jones at 920-465-2165 or

Additionally, consider volunteering as a UW-Green Bay representative at your local high school or at a regional college fair. Alumni representation made a tremendous impact this year and we will be looking to set up recruitment opportunities for alumni in 2015-16. If interested, email Kari Moody at



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