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Housing and Residence Life

Summer Staff Spotlight

Tommy M

Here are The Office of Residence Life, we value the art put into our work. Thanks to Tommy Mlodzik we are able to have great quality graphics. Tommy is our Graphic Design Intern this summer. He works with our staff on making the best pieces of art for our students.

Tommy comes from Appleton, Wisconsin. He will be entering his senior year, double majoring in studio art (emphasis in ceramics) and design arts. Tommy enjoys the art of nature and sunsets around campus when he isn’t working. Thank you for a great summer Tommy!

Fast Facts!

Name: Tommy Mlodzik

Hometown: Appleton, Wisconsin

Year in School: Senior

Major: Double Studio Art (Emphasis in Ceramics) and Design Arts

Position in Residence Life: Graphic Design Intern

Favorite part about UWGB: The Nature and Sunsets

Favorite Class/Professor: Advanced Ceramics/Minkyu Lee

Best study spot on campus: Studio Arts/the wooden bridge by the old tennis courts

Are you a cat or dog person: Animal Lover

Best piece of advice you ever received: “Love”

If you could trade places with anyone for a day, who would it be: Someone not busy, so I could sleep for a while

If you were stranded on an island and could only bring three items, what would they be: Some fireworks, rum, and Captain Jack Sparrow

Summer Staff Spotlight

Spotlight Jeremy

As the summer comes to an end, we have one more summer student employee to recognize. Jeremy Gobert is joining us for the first time as a Business Service Assistant. Jeremy comes to us from Crandon, Wisconsin. He will be entering his sophomore year of college, majoring in Biology. After working with us all summer, Jeremy’s favorite part about Residence Life was the amazing staff. When not working at The Hendrickson’s Community Center, Jeremy loves to binge watch everything.

Thank you for a great summer Jeremy!

Fast Facts!

Name: Jeremy Gobert

Hometown: Crandon, Wisconsin

Year in School: Sophomore

Major: Biology

Position in Residence Life: Business Service Assistant

Favorite part about UWGB: How secluded we are from the city

Favorite Class/Professor: Concepts of Home/GPS with Jenny Ronsman

Best study spot on campus: 6th Floor of the Library

Current show you are binge watching: Stranger Things Season 3!

Are you a cat or dog person: Dog!

Best piece of advice you ever received: Always work towards your goals, even if they’re impossible

If you could trade places with anyone for a day, who would it be: Will Kiley

If you were stranded on an island and could only bring three items, what would they be: Genie lamps, that’s nine wishes! Eight for fun, and one to get off!

Summer Staff Spotlight

Mia Spain

Mia Spain is working with Residence Life for the first time this summer. Mia is one of our four Summer Operations Assistants. Mia is a sophomore studying English, and is originally from Yuba City, California. Her favorite part about UWGB is the trails all over campus. When she is not working, Mia enjoys playing soccer on the UWGB team.

Thank you for a great summer Mia! Keep up the great work!

Fast Facts!

Name: Mia Spain

Hometown: Yuba City, California

Year in School: Sophomore

Major: English

Position in Residence Life: Summer Operations Assistant

Favorite part about UWGB: I love the trails

Current show you are binge watching: The Office and Criminal Minds

Are you a cat or dog person: I’m a cat lady, but I love dogs just the same

If you were stranded on an island and could only bring three items, what would they be: Speaker, Soccer Ball, and my Kitten

Summer Staff Spotlight

With only one month of summer left, we still have some student staff to share with you. Amanda Trudeau is one of our Business Service Assistants for the summer. Our BSAs work hard at our front desk answering phone calls, helping guests check in, and answering questions. They also work in our Community Center mailroom during the summer.  Amanda is originally from Marshfield, Wisconsin. She will be going into her junior year, studying nursing. For the last three years, Amanda has been a part of the UWGB Orchestra. She loves playing bass and loves the challenges of playing by herself and in ensembles. Outside of school, Amanda enjoys practicing her bass, hanging out, and sleeping (especially in her hammock). Thank you Amanda for your hard work this summer!

Fast Facts!

Name: Amanda Trudeau

Hometown: Marshfield, Wisconsin

Year in School: Junior

Major: Nursing

Position in Residence Life: Business Service Assistant

Favorite Part about UWGB: I like the people

Favorite Class/Professor: Community Clinics, I got to go everywhere in Green Bay and treat a wide range of patients and issues!

Best Study Spot on Campus: I don’t stay in one spot for very long, so I’m constantly moving locations on campus

Current Show You’re Binge Watching: The Confession Tapes

Are You A Cat Or Dog Person: Dog, but I love cats too but I’m allergic

Best Piece Of Advice You Ever Received: “I have a limited amount of time left on this planet and I’m not going to spend it being a watered down version of myself just so people like me”

If You Were Stranded On An Island And Could Only Bring Three Items, What Would They Be: My upright bass, Portkey (like from Harry Potter so I can leave), and coffee


Summer Staff Spotlight

 Here at the Office of Residence Life, we have many opportunities for students to work during the summer. We offer jobs such as: Summer Business Assistants, Summer Operations Assistants, a Social Media Intern, a Summer Assignments Coordinator, a Special Projects Intern aLogan O'Leary ResLife Picturend a Graphic Design Intern. Logan O’Leary, who started out as one of our Business Service Assistants last summer, is now one of our interns at the Office of Residence Life. This summer he is working as our Summer Assignments Coordinator. Logan works very productively to coordinate summer camp guests and instructors staying on campus. Logan’s favorite part about working at Residence Life is the friendly work environment.

Logan is originally from Houghton, Michigan. He is going into his senior year, studying communication with emphases in journalism and mass media. You can catch Logan at the Ballroom Dance Club and Alternate Theatre on Campus. Outside of school, Logan enjoys going to the gym, playing with his dogs, spending time with his friends, and playing Dungeons and Dragons. Thank you for choosing to work with us a second time this summer!

Fast Facts!

Name: Logan O’Leary

Hometown: Houghton, Michigan

Year in School: Senior

Major: Communication with emphases in Journalism and Mass Media

Position in Residence Life: Summer Assignments Coordinator

Favorite Part about UWGB: The Nature

Favorite Class/Professor: Improv with Laura Riddle

Best Study Spot on Campus: 4th Floor in the Library

Current Show You’re Binge Watching: Brooklyn 99

Are You A Cat Or Dog Person: Both

Best Piece Of Advice You Ever Received: If you don’t squat and deadlift, you don’t lift

If You Were Stranded On An Island And Could Only Bring Three Items, What Would They Be: A fully-equipped squat rack, a fishing pole, and a survival book

Re-Contracting 2019

Do we still have space in UW-Green Bay housing for the 2019/20 academic year? The answer is YES!

If your student still needs a place to live next year, have them contact our office at (920) 465-2040 and we can discuss their housing options. There are many perks to living on-campus which include:

  • Financial Aid can be applied to the housing charges right on their student account
  • The advance deposit for current residents rolls over for the next contract
  • Events hosted by Residence Life to get your student involved on campus
  • Resources such as Area Coordinators and Resident Assistants who can answer questions or resolve concerns
  • Within walking distance of classes equaling more sleep and less worry about making it to class on time due to weather
  • Everything is included in rent – Utilities, cable, internet, furnished housing
  • Private bathrooms
  • Laundry facilities in each building

Housing at UW-Green Bay is on high demand! Call us today with questions!

Office of Residence Life
(920) 465-2040

Move-Out Day is Approaching

All current housing contracts for the 2018/19 academic year end on Saturday, May 18 at 4:00 p.m. Students are required to vacate their accommodations by this date and time otherwise a $50.00 improper check-out fee will be assessed. Students who are graduating and may need more time to move out need to contact the Office of Residence Life by May 15, 2019.

It is acceptable to park near entrances during move out. Be sure not to double park or block walk ways or access to the building.

Move Out Steps:

  1. In order to avoid cleaning charges, students must clean their room or apartment thoroughly. This includes but is not limited to cleaning all surfaces, walls, furniture, medicine cabinet, appliances, cupboards and counter tops (if applicable), toilet, shower, vanity/sink, and the bathroom floor. Carpeted areas must be vacuumed and the vinyl or tile floor areas must be mopped.   For a detailed checklist of cleaning responsibilities, please see:
  2. Remove all belongings from housing before leaving; check all drawers, closets, etc. Items left behind will be disposed of after 30 days.
  3. Does your students have items they do not want to take home, but are still in good condition? Bring it to our donation bins located in the Community Center, contemporary apartment first floor lounges, and Roy Downham lounge. All items will be donated to the UWGB Camus Cupboard and St. Vincent de Paul.
  4. Mailboxes need to be emptied and all packages picked up. We do not keep packages for students who do not live on campus over the summer. Packages and mail will begin to be accepted on August 1, 2019 for students moving in the fall. Mail forwarding information also needs to be filled out before departure, even if the student is returning in fall.
  5. The final step in the process is for your student to complete the online Express Check-out process by visiting the housing web site. Students who do not check out of their room or apartment will be assessed an improper checkout fee of $50.00.

55789993_635668570205080_6435409418132652032_nAfter departure, Residence Life staff members will be inspecting living spaces for damages caused by residents. It is important to clean and take care of the living space to avoid damages charges at departure. On the express check-out form that is filled out as part of departure there are places to list damage done by the resident and damage done by others. This information is used as part of the damage appeal process, so the more information that is listed the better an appeal can be evaluated.

Our goal is to minimize charges to students by providing detailed instructions and having Resident Assistants work with your student to complete a Responsibility for Cleaning Form with their roommates. If your student has questions, please direct them to the Office of Residence Life or their Resident Assistant. Any check-out fees that are assessed will be applied to student SIS accounts by June 21 and an e-mail will be sent with a brief description of charges.

ResFest 2019

On Friday, May 10 from 3:00pm until 6:00pm, the Residence Hall and Apartment Association (RHAA) is hosting ResFest 2019 in Phoenix Park located outside of the University Union. ResFest is an end of the year event held right before finals to give students an opportunity to celebrate an amazing year with their campus friends. This year the theme is Under the Sea, so many of the activities and food will follow suit. RHAA will also host their end of the year Bingo (a UWGB favorite) during ResFest with the opportunity for students to win some fabulous prizes.

55957834_384004759118538_733440097575239680_nWe are excited to announce that, ResFest will include a session of goat yoga (yes, that’s a real thing), an inflatable obstacle course, bubble soccer, henna, balloon art, a caricature artist and a host of other activities. Of course the question on every student’s mind is: what about food? ResFest will have a variety of snack options including corndogs, a tater tot bar, sno-cones, cotton candy, and assorted beverages, just to name a few things. The National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH) has partnered with RHAA to sponsor some delicious ice cream treats too.

The best part is that all of these activities, snacks, and prizes are FREE! That’s right! If your student is looking for something fun to do to celebrate their accomplishments and have a great time unwinding with friends before the stress of final exams, encourage them to be in Phoenix Park on Friday, May 10 at 3:00pm. They can come for 20 minutes or stay the entire time. We just want to make sure that everyone takes advantage of this one last fun event before everyone departs for the summer!


Go Green and Donate

Again this year, Residence Life is partnering with the UW-Green Bay Campus Cupboard and St. Vincent de Paul to sponsor our annual donations drive from May 6-20, 2019.

The UWGB Campus Cupboard provides students food, clothing, and household items at no charge.  St. Vincent de Paul works to meet many of the same needs in the Green Bay area.

We are collecting items that your students may no longer need such as:

  • Non-perishable food items (SEALED boxes and cans only. No fresh or frozen foods.)
  • Clothing (Washed and in good condition.)
  • Kitchen items (Clean pots, pans, silverware, serving utensils, plates, bowls, etc.)
  • Small household items (Fans, clocks, vases, etc. in good condition. No large furniture.)
  • Shoes, boots, sandals (Clean and in good condition.)
  • School supplies (new folders and binders, unopened packets of pens, pencils, markers, etc.)
  • Text Books

Large collection bins will be located throughout housing, and in the Community Center.  Encourage your student to show their school colors by going green and donating to these great causes which benefit UW-Green Bay students and the greater Green Bay community. Thousands of pounds of items are diverted from landfills each year through donations made to this program by our on-campus students.

Welcome from the Director of Residence Life

As I look at the calendar I can hardly believe it. April? How did that happen? So, once again, I find myself reflecting on another fast-paced academic year. I would guess that your UWGB student is looking back on these last several months with the same thought. How could this year Gail Sims-Auberthave been anything but a blur? Between the rigors of a full-time academic course load, making friends, seeking out employment and getting involved in activities/organizations, it had to have been an action-packed year. I hope along the way they have created many happy memories to take with them into the summer.

As I sit down to write this, our office is wrapping up the room selection process for the 2019-2020 year. By the looks of things, we will be ‘comfortably full’ come fall. If your student was undecided about living on campus next year and up until now has passed on the opportunity to sign a housing contract, we would still appreciate the opportunity to work with them to secure housing for the upcoming academic year. They can complete this process by visiting with the staff at the reception desk at the Community Center or by visiting our website at

I want you to know what a pleasure it’s been to serve you and your student this year. For many of you, I know your student’s transition to college was not without challenge. Thank you for supporting them from home and know that we did our best to offer up assistance and campus resources as needed. Together we made a good team! Most of our residents will be leaving campus for the summer and returning home. Enjoy them and be sure to ask questions about all that they experienced at UWGB. I’m sure they’ll appreciate your interest. If your student would prefer to stay on campus for the summer, we can make that happen too. We may even have a job for them! Check out the entirety of this newsletter for more information.

Thanks again for your involvement this year! If your student is returning to campus housing, then we’ll be sure to catch you with these newsletters again starting in the fall. Enjoy your summer!

Gail Sims-Aubert

Director, Office of Residence Life

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