Lifelong Learning Institute


The Lifelong learning Institute at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay opened its fall semester with 1049 members-a new record! The fall semester offered over 190 courses on a variety of topics ranging from art to Zumba with multiple other topics such as: history, travel, nature, yoga, biking, games, painting, heath, taxes, poetry, computers, current events, religion, science and music.  Classes usually meet once a week and most courses involve one to four sessions.  Members can sign up for multiple courses. Some take two or three; others take as many as thirty all for a single member ship fee.  LLI is open to adults who enjoy learning for learning’s sake. Annual memberships run from September 1st to August 31st or from January 1st to December 31st. Why should people join LLI? To stay mentally active, to learn something new, to get some exercise, to create something, to meet new friends and to be part of a dynamic member-led organization.


For more information visit our website, or contact the LLI Office at UW-Green Bay, 920-465-2356 or