NURSE 1-2-1 Fall 2017 Student Featured in Video

Abbey Gorjance is a Burlington, Wisconsin high school senior who has been admitted for Fall of 2017 to our new NURSE 1-2-1 program. Abbey was recently featured in a video commissioned by the Wisconsin School Administrators Alliance (WSAA) about innovative programming and partnerships in education. Abbey’s full interview begins at 4:26:

Abbey took advantage of a partnership between Burlington High School and Gateway Technical College in Southeastern Wisconsin to earn her certification as a Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA). As a CNA, Abbey is certified to work in nursing centers and will be able to bring her direct experience into her education to become a Registered Nurse (RN).

Certification as a CNA is required by the second year of the NURSE 1-2-1 program. Abbey’s ability to complete this while in high school has given her a head start in meeting the eligibility requirements of entrance into NURSE 1-2-1.  Because this popular program has a limited number of seats and early application deadline, students are advised to review the program’s eligibility requirements and application deadlines at least a year in advance of when they wish to start.  Kudos to Abbey for planning ahead!

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