E-Learning in Nursing Conference Hosted by UW-Green Bay

The UW-Green Bay Professional Program in Nursing is hosting the E-Learning in Nursing Conference April 7-8 as the culminating event of a five year Dept. of Health and Human Services, Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) grant to enhance educational technology in nursing courses.  The conference will begin at historic Lambeau Field, home of the Super Bowl Champion Green Bay Packers where participants will hear Dr. Janet Reilly, Assistant Professor of Nursing at UW-Green Bay offer a presentation on Technology in E-Learning and Health in Nursing and the NFL.  UW-Green Bay is one of five UW Nursing programs (also including Madison, Milwaukee, Eau Claire and Oshkosh) participating in the HRSA grant.  

Conference keynote speakers include Dr. Diane Skiba, Professor of Health Care Informatics at the University of Colorado in Denver; Dr. Patricia Flatley Brennan, Professor in Nursing at UW-Madison and the Principal Investigator for the HRSA Grant; and Dr. Badrul Khan, President and Founder of McWeadon Education, a world renown  educator, author, speaker and consultant in the field of e-learning.  Dr. Skiba will present Emerging Technologies in Nursing Practice and E-Learning.  Dr. Brenan will offer Reflections and Sustainability of Technology Enhanced Nursing Education.  Dr. Badrul will conclude the conference speaking about International and Cultural Perspectives in E-Learning.  There will be an additional 16 presentations including reports of research and technologies developed over the five years of the grant.

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    1. Becasue this conference was funded by a one-time federal grant, there has been no subsequent conference planned. If you are an RN looking to complete a BSN degree or a BSN looking for an online MSN, we offer these programs. We also offer a Health Information Management & Technology degree. All of these are online and utilize the information and technological methods learned from the conference. Please find more information on our website: http://www.uwgb.edu/nursing. There is a tab on the website for completing an application.


      Jan Malchow, Manager of Student Outreach

  1. Will this learning methodology work for male nurses or it is specially designed for female nurses only. Well, it is indeed a good initiative to free the knowledge online for a noble profession like nursing.



    1. Larry, I’m not sure why you ask, but the learning methodology is not specific to nurses of one gender as opposed to the other. It works for both male and female alike.

  2. Thanks for the great post. Dr. Skiba is a great doctor, has a great way of making everyone understand. Thank you for this post, and thank you Dr. Skiba (if you read this) you made UofC worth it.

    1. There are photos from the conference accessible on our Facebook page for the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay RN to BSN Program. Conference and presentation information from the five years of the grant is available in the D2L course. If you are interested, please contact Dr. Janet Reilly (reillyj@uwgb.edu) for access information.

    1. There is no elearning conference scheduled that UWGB is hosting. Look for updates of nursing events in our news section of this website.

    1. The conference was funded by the federal grant along with five years of programing. Substantial advances werre made in elearning technologies that are now being employed by the UW Schools of Nursing that participated in the grant. THese are making the online learning experience richer and more accessible for students. For more information concerning the results, please contact Dr. Janet Reilly at UW-Green Bay. Without the grant, future conferences and advances will need to be funded with alternative sources. No specific plan for a subsequent conference has been finalized.

  3. Dr. Skiba was a mentor of mine at the University of Colorado. It’s nice to know that she will be speaker on this conference. This is a great way to further develop our online community to support informatics learners.

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