University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Service

2012 – Visiting Scholar Program: This program brought Dr. Alex Godoy from Chile to UW-Green Bay during the fall of 2102. I team taught Pollution Control with Alex and coordinated a number of other potential research and academic opportunities during his visit.

2009 – Present: Director – Environmental Management and Business Institute (EMBI): Help strengthen UW-Green Bay’s leadership position in the promotion of environmental awareness and eco-friendly initiatives.

2006 – Present: Sustainability Committee: Participate on this committee as a representative of EMBI, where the Sustainability is currently housed administratively.

2006 – 2008, 2012 – Present: Graduate Faculty Board of Advisors

2006 – 2008: Senate Committee on Planning and Budget 

1999 – Present: Environmental Science & Policy – Graduate faculty: Attended the majority of the graduate faculty meetings and had meetings with numerous current and prospective graduate students.