Driftwood #15: Important Campus Services

13 Ways to Boost or Fix Unreliable Home Wi-fi

laptop with teaWith several UW-Green Bay classes still online during the pandemic, some students have been frustrated by internet connection problems. (Thanks, Coronavirus.) If this inconvenience sounds familiar, here are some tips to boost or fix your wi-fi.

While some of the options below are free, others require buying things. If you are short on cash and are a UW-Green Bay student (any campus), PLEASE e-mail gboss@uwgb.com and request emergency funds to cover the costs. That’s what these funds are for—to help provide for students’ essential needs during the COVID-19 crisis so you can focus on your work.

1) Don’t use wi-fi. Plug your computer directly into your router via an ethernet cable.

2) Sit closer to your router. The closer you are, the stronger the signal.

3) If your router lets you choose (on the network) between a 2.4G and a 5G option when you’re connecting a device to it, use your router’s 5G option while sitting closer to your router. 5G provides a faster signal at shorter distances. 2.4G provides a stronger signal for farther distances, but it may be slower.

4) Get a new router. If your router is more than 5 years old, it’s probably time to replace it, says Joanna Stern, senior personal technology columnist for the Wall St. Journal. Stern’s top pick is the Eero, which retails at about $99. You can also add in $149 Eero beacons throughout the house to boost the signal in different areas. I have the Eero in my basement, plus one beacon on the ground floor, and it works well in my two-story house.

5) Try unplugging your router and modem, and then plugging them back in. (You might also restart your computer, as well.) Marinette Campus Student IT Support Specialist Danielle Roberts emphatically agrees that this solution often helps with wonky wi-fi: “I cannot emphasize restarting the modem and router enough,” she says.

6)  Turn off unused or extra internet-connected devices. “If there are multiple phones, tablets, smart TVs, computers, smart home devices, and video game consoles sharing the network, that will reduce the available bandwidth [for your computer while you’re working],” says Roberts.

7) Ask others in your household to turn off or minimize their use of streaming video services when you need to work online. If you have roommates or live with family members, be mindful that streaming video services—i.e. video chat/Netflix/Vudu/Hulu/Amazon/etc.—will use large amounts of bandwidth, says Patrick Goggins, UW-Green Bay’s Senior Network/Systems Administrator. Make a plan with your roommates or family to lay off of streaming video when someone needs to connect for a virtual class.

8) Figure out how to access your router settings and limit the speed for streaming video devices. “Most modern routers have some sort of QoS (Quality of Service) or Bandwidth Control functionality. Use it to either limit the speeds for the Roku/Chromecast/TV/etc., guarantee a minimum speed for your work device, or set up some sort of priority (high/medium/low) to better control the traffic,” says Goggins. He notes that every router brand “does its own thing,” so you’ll need to check your router’s user manual to see how to accomplish this step. Most will have the manual or directions for accessing router settings on their websites.

9) If you have an internet provider with tiered service (i.e. fast, faster, and fastest options), call them up and see if you can get a deal on boosting your service. (Be sure to tell them you’re a college student to see if you can get their best price available.) You can always put your service back to its original speed if you go back to all in-person classes post-COVID.

10) Get discounted or even free broadband/wi-fi. This January article from HighspeedInternet.com provides details on discounted and even free wifi for students.

11) Contact your mobile phone company to see if they have a better data plan for college students. Some companies are offering inexpensive unlimited data plans during the pandemic. Contact your phone company to see if they can provide you a good option. Then, see #12, below.

12) If you have an unlimited cell phone data plan with a strong signal at home, use your phone as a mobile hotspot for your computer. Look in your phone’s settings for something like “Personal Hotspot” (which is what my phone has).

For example, here’s how I do it on my iPhone 7: Click on “Personal Hotspot” in settings. When I turn on “Allow Others to Join,” the name of my iPhone pops up in the network list for my computer. I can then hook my laptop into my phone’s hotspot by clicking on my phone’s name on the network list, and then entering my phone’s wi-fi password (an auto password listed in the “Personal Hotspot” settings menu).

13) Get a mobile wi-fi hotspot. you can still get free mobile hotspots from the main campus library. Email gboss@uwgb.edu to request.

Or, for about $100-150, you can purchase a mobile wi-fi hotspot device (like MiFi), and connect your computer to it to access the internet. These do require a data plan, which is an additional expense. For some, you’ll have to get a data plan through one of the big data providers, like Verizon or AT&T.  Others have their own plans that are easier to set up. The Skyroam Solis, for example, has inexpensive pay-as-you-go data plans that you can connect to through the Skyroam app—no SIM card or outside data plan setup required. Skyroam’s plans include a $9 per day option (where you don’t pay if you don’t need data that day), a $6 per GB per month plan, and a $99/month unlimited plan that allows you to use it around the world, not just in the US (which is not REALLY necessary right now, but just in case you’d like it later).

If you’ve done all of the above and still can’t get a good signal, the UW-Green Bay IT Help Desk may be able to help you pinpoint the problem. Visit the UWGB IT Help Desk website for contact info and hours.

Because it’s important, I’ll say it again: If you don’t have the budget right now to purchase equipment you may need to boost your wi-fi, apply for emergency funds through UW-Green Bay. It’s as easy as e-mailing gboss@uwgb.edu and telling them how much you need and why. It’s important to all of your professors that you have the set-up you need to finish your classes to the best of your ability. It’s our privilege to help you now, when you need it most.

—Tracy Fernandez Rysavy, Lecturer (English, Creative Writing, and Women’s and Gender Studies), UW-Green Bay, Marinette Campus

This article was checked for accuracy by Danielle Roberts, Marinette Campus Student IT Support Specialist (robertsd@uwgb.edu), and Patrick Goggins, UW-Green Bay Senior Network/Systems Administrator.

Some of the tips above are from this Wall St. Journal video.

Driftwood #13: Campus News

February 25, 2021

Free Student Success Workshops

GPS logoThe UWGB GPS (Gateway to Phoenix Success) program now has a full calendar of upcoming workshops to help UWGB students learn better and smarter. These workshops include the following:

  • Nutrition and Fitness for Your Dorm or Home
    When: Monday, March 1 at 3:00 pm

    Get some great tips about nutrition and fitness geared toward college students. Mariah, a UWGB Dietetics and Nutrition Major, will share some quick and easy recipes perfect for dorm and apartment living. And Hayley will combine her knowledge and passion for fitness to give you some dorm-friendly workouts.

    Join our Zoom Meeting here on March 1. (Meeting ID: 307 276 2293. Passcode: MnGx33)

  • Self-Care Practices: Mindfulness
    When: Wednesday. March 10 at 12 noon. 

    Take a break from your midterm studies on Wednesday, March 10 at 12 noon to learn about self-care strategies you can use to help relieve stress. We will practice meditation and have an open discussion about other self-care techniques.

    Join our Zoom meeting here on March 10th.  (Meeting ID: 913 9185 8823. Passcode: FCeMC3.)

  • Making and Maintaining Relationships on Campus and Beyond 
    When: Thursday, April 8 at 10 a.m.

    In this workshop, GPS mentors Brooke Betrick, Chance Kangas, and Mari Mitchel talk about joining student organizations and using them to make friends on campus. The hosts will also talk about creating relationships with TAs and professors, and they’ll give you tips on maintaining other relationships, whether they be friendships or something more personal. Finally, the mentors will provide suggestions on what to do if you encounter relationship problems or obstacles.

    Join our Zoom meeting here on April 8th. (Meeting ID: 762 0259 1959, Passcode: 3RMvwN.)

    Goal Planning: Take Action Steps to Reach Your Goals
    Date: Tuesday, April 13, 2021
    Time: 3:00-3:45 pm
    Description: If you could be anything, do anything, or have anything, what would it be? Using a step-by-step guide to map out your goals through the Passion Roadmap exercise.

    Join our Zoom meeting here on April 13th. (Meeting ID: 959 9438 4233, Passcode: xi66uR.)

Driftwood #14: Self-Care #2

February 25, 2021

Take the Relaxation Challenge

tea with plantsRelax, unwind, and start afresh with this relaxation challenge that was designed to help you decompress from the stress of continued homework and jobs. Relaxation is an important part of keeping your mood and mind healthy, so feel free to take this challenge from the top to bottom, or in any order you like.

  • Day 1: Take a nice, hot bath or shower, and give yourself a pamper session. This can include exfoliating, moisturizing, or just relaxing in the warm water. And, if you have music playing, don’t be afraid to release some sweet singing!
  • Day 2: Do a hobby you’ve been putting off. Whether this be drawing, writing, or just going for a jog, doing something you love to do, or trying something new for that matter, will give you a much-needed break from constant work.
  • Day 3: Try out some face masks! Whether it be the Mix and Match Face Masks from the last issue or one you buy at the store, face masks help you start feeling new, refreshed, and ready to start the day.
  • Day 4: Read a book/manga. Sometimes just curling up with something to read is a great way to help give your mind some time to recuperate, and to let your imagination run wild in whatever story that is written on the page.
  • Day 5: Make or find a playlist with calming songs. A relaxation playlist is great to have on hand if you ever need it as well, so your future self may thank you for making it!
  • Day 6: Write on a scrap piece of paper what you’re grateful for. Writing this down is a great way to remember all the good things in your life, both past and present.
  • Day 7: Watch a funny YouTube video or TV show. Sometimes a good laugh is enough to help keep the stress away, and whether that be with a funny cat video or a comedic TV show, there are plenty of things that are out there.
Jasmine Hanson


Driftwood #14: Self-Care #3

February 25, 2021

Try Our Social Challenge

chatting on Zoom Grab your calendar (or should I say phone) and jot down this Social Challenge. Here are seven ideas for social challenges you could do. Start with the challenge you find the easiest and work your way up to the hardest one. Or you could start with the hardest challenge and work your way to the easiest one, so you can feel a relaxing accomplishment by the end of the week.

  • Volunteer either in person or virtually. By volunteering, you are communicating with new people while also helping the community. ​To find opportunities, I would suggest visiting the Serve Wisconsin website. They also have volunteer guidelines to follow during COVID-19 and ideas of how you could still volunteer from the safety of your house.
  • Look at future plans in your calendar. If there are any that you are dreading and aren’t something you really need to attend, then cancel. If you’re having Zoom fatigue, change the format of your Zoom meetings to phone calls or outdoor dates when possible. Getting rid of the negative events that you can should improve your mental health.
  • Rebuild old relationships. Text a friend you haven’t talked to in a while.
  • Unplug from technology. This challenge may be harder due to Covid-19 but it’s possible if you make the right plans. You could do this by walking the trail with a friend or go sledding with family while keeping your phone put away.
  • Delete people from your social media who do not make you happy.
  • Connect with a classmate outside of class. It’s nice to have friends when you’re in class, and one way to do this is to make friends with students in your major classes. This is easier if you have in-person classes, but if most of your classes are online, you could ask your professor about setting up a study group on Blackboard (or do so yourself on Zoom), and get to know your classmates that way.
  • Write a letter to a friend or family member. Being surprised by a nice, friendly letter in the mail can make some people so happy. Once they receive your letter, you will most likely receive a call or text. Maybe you can sit down and have a meaningful, long conversation with someone who cares about you by just sending a simple letter to start the communication.
—Angel Wolske, Self-Care Editor

Driftwood #14: Buy Local

February 25, 2021

Entertainment Stores Near You

Lion's Mouth store frontHave you been staring at your screen for too long doing schoolwork or work in general? In the last issue, I listed off how you can help local restaurants in your area by ordering take-out or buying gift cards, but restaurants aren’t the only thing struggling! Small businesses such as book, music, and game stores are seeing a lack of business as well. Since we are spending more time at home, it could help to pick up a new hobby to keep things fresh and fun! These stores have websites to view their selection and purchase from online. If you can’t find anything currently on their websites that’s sticking out to you, you can also purchase gift cards! This way you’re still boosting business, and now you can treat yourself or a loved one to a gift later when you do see something you like!

Here are three small-business recommendations in the Green Bay area and three recommendations in the Marinette area to find something that can pull your eyes off a screen, and still ensure a relaxing or fun time!

  • Gnome Games, (920) 965-1380: Need a new game to play with your roommates or family? Check out Gnome Games’ website and find something new to play together!  Gnome Games has two locations in Green Bay, and one in Appleton, where they also offer in-store shopping if you are wearing a mask while you are inside.
  • Lion’s Mouth Bookstore, (920) 406-0200: We’ve all been spending way too much time on our screens; it’s time to pick up a good old-fashioned book! They sell used and new books, and if you have books you no longer want, you can exchange them for store credit! During the month of February, Lion’s Mouth is highlighting Black authors for Black History Month, so make sure to check out their recommendations.
  • Rock N’ Roll Land, (920) 490-2881: Have you been listening to the same two or three playlists for the last year? Check out some artists you may not listen to as often and buy an album or two! Rock N’ Roll Land has CDs and records to browse, as well as merchandise like T-shirts and baseball caps! It may be easier to just look up these artists on whichever music streaming service you use, but doesn’t it just feel better to own a physical copy of these albums?

Local Favorites in Marinette: 

  • Main Street Antique Mall: If you need a day of mindless fun, check out this wonderful antique mall. Take a stroll down memory lane to revisit your childhood and see items of the past as you explore every booth. You can also find local food and custom Marinette T-shirts here.
  • Game Knights: Next, head over to your local game store where you can buy a new puzzle or game to play at home. You could also find collectible group games to play with friends such as Magic: The Gathering or Dungeons & Dragons. Find this shop on Facebook to keep up to date on new products and store updates.
  • Bay Shore Books: Hop in the car and take a short ride to Oconto. There you will find this amazing bookstore to roam. Currently, they only allow five people in the store at a time and require face masks to enter. Another option is to sit comfortably at home while scrolling through their website for a book to be shipped to your doorstep.
—Kira Doman, Business Editor, and Angel Wolske

The Driftwood #14: Cooking at Home

February 25, 2021

From the Driftwood Kitchen

his semester, The Driftwood will bring you easy-peasy recipes for new cooks. We’re talking REALLY easy—and fast.

A Ramen Upgrade

Upgraded RamenThings couldn’t get more simple than handy-dandy ramen packets. That’s why we’re going to share an easy way to upgrade your ramen. This is definitely a recipe that you can change as much as you want! You can make a lot of variations using different ramen packets and sauces. That’s why this is one of my favorite simple creations!


  • Chicken breast ramen packet (or your choice of flavor)
  • ½ cup of shredded carrots
  • ½ cup of red cabbage
  • 3 tablespoons of sesame oil (can substitute vegetable oil)
  • 1 tablespoon of soy sauce (optional for flavor)


  1. The chicken and cabbage need to get chopped up. I like to cut my chicken into chunks and my cabbage into inch-length strips.
  2. You’ll need a pan to start cooking your cabbage and carrots together with 1½ tablespoons of sesame oil. This is one of those that you cook until you feel the vegetables are done. I like mine to stay pretty crispy, so I cook them for about 10 minutes at a medium temperature.
  3. In another pan, cook your chicken with the remaining oil. This is cooked on medium until the chicken is done with no pink on the inside. Make sure to cut a piece in half to make sure no pink remains. You don’t want raw chicken!
  4. It’s finally time to start making your ramen. Follow the instructions on the package to make the noodles, but don’t throw in the spices? packet unless you want that flavor! Sometimes I’ll skip the packet and use my own seasonings to get the flavor I’m looking for!
  5. It’s finally time to combine all of our ingredients but don’t turn off the stove yet! We want all of it to cook together for at least 5 minutes. This is the time to throw in any soy sauce or other sauces you might want. Feel free to garnish with whatever you like (including the fried egg and scallions in the photo example). That completes this recipe. Enjoy!

—Whisper McDonald

Ground Beef with Scallions Ramen

Yield: 1 serving. Time: 10-15 minutes total. 


  • One ramen packet (Your choice of flavor)
  • ½ lb. ground beef
  • 2 stalks of scallions, sliced
  • 1 egg
  • 2 Tbsp. of vegetable oil
  • 1 Tbsp. of fish sauce (optional)
  • Salt & black pepper to taste


  1. In a pan, place over high heat until it becomes hot, then drizzle in your oil.
  2.  Once that oil becomes hot enough, season your ground beef with salt and pepper, and carefully toss the ground beef into the pan. Cook out your beef thoroughly.
  3.  Fill a separate small pot halfway with water, and place it over a stove on high heat. Let the pot sit until it comes to a rolling boil.
  4.  Once the water is boiling, toss in your noodles, and cook it out for 2-3 minutes. Combine noodles with the artificial seasoning that came in the packet.
  5.  Transfer your finished noodles into a bowl.

Time to assemble your dish:

  1.  In your noodles, drizzle in 1 Tbsp. of fish sauce.
  2.  Lay your ground beef on one side of the bowl; be generous with the protein.
  3.  Add your cooked egg (cooked however you like).
  4.  Lastly, place sliced scallions on top of the egg as a garnish.

And you’re done! Enjoy it while it’s still fresh!

—Bruce Kong

Delicious DIY Mini Pizzas 

mini pizzas pictureEven though pizza was invented in Italy, it’s America’s favorite dish! According to a survey in Reader’s Digest, 21% of U.S. adults reported if they could eat only one food for the rest of their lives, it would be pizza. The frozen kind is all right, but that can’t even compare to my family’s favorite quick, easy, and super tasty homemade mini pizzas. Bonus: you get to create them to your exact liking!


  • 1 package refrigerated flaky biscuits (Pillsbury Grands work well)
  • ½ cup pizza sauce
  • 1 cup shredded cheese (cheddar or mozzarella work well)
  • Your choice of toppings! Here are some recommendations:
    • Meats (pepperoni minis, bacon bits, chopped ham, sausage crumbles)
    • Diced veggies (olives, onions, mushrooms, peppers, tomatoes)


  1. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. Grease a cookie sheet.
  2. Place the biscuits on the cookie sheet, spreading the dough slightly with your fingers.
  3. Spread one tablespoon of sauce and sprinkle two tablespoons of cheese on each biscuit. Add your desired toppings.
  4. Bake for 8-10 minutes, or until done. Serve and enjoy!

—Mallory Allen, Cooking Editor

Driftwood #14: Phoenix Crossword

Feb. 25, 2021

Phoenix Crossword:
The Marinette Campus Edition

Click on the puzzle image below to get a PDF you can print out and complete! We’ll publish the answer key in the next Driftwood. 

Click on the image to download a PDF of the crossword.

We’ll publish the answer key in the next Driftwood.

Meanwhile, here’s the answer key for the Feb. 12th Phoenix Crossword

Sydney Sebert, Puzzles Editor, with Mallory Allen




The Driftwood #13: February 12, 2021

The Driftwood is our student-centered e-newsletter for the Marinette campus. We’ll bring you tips for navigating life as a masked-and-distanced or online student, as well as suggestions for entertaining yourself while you’re social distancing.

In this issue: 

The Driftwood is published by the UWGB Practicum in Literary Publishing class.

Books Editor: Olivia Meyer
Cooking and Movies Editor: Mallory Allen
Gaming Editor: Whisper McDonald
Haunted WI Editor: Aleida Toebe
Health & Fitness Editor: Bruce Kong
Music Editor: Sydney Sebert
News Editor: Kira Doman
Puzzles Editor: Sydney Sebert
School Tips and Anime Editor: Jasmine Hanson
Self-Care Editor: Angel Wolske

Interested in being on the Driftwood staff? Enroll in ENG 224: Practicum in Literary Publishing for the spring 2022 term!

Questions or News Items? Contact The Driftwood’s advisor, Tracy Fernandez Rysavy.

Driftwood #13: Campus News #1

February 12, 2021

Writing Workshop with WI Poet Laureate

Dasha Kelly Hamilton

On Wednesday, February 17th, join us as newly designated Wisconsin Poet Laureate Dasha Kelly Hamilton facilitates a virtual writing workshop at UWGB centered around self-love, self-image, and Black History Month. Kelly Hamilton will also perform some of her spoken-word poetry during the program.

Brought to you by the UWGB Office of Student Life and Black Student Union, this virtual event runs from 7 to 8 p.m. on Microsoft Teams.

To receive the Teams link to this workshop, register here

In addition to her new job as Wisconsin Poet Laureate, “Kelly Hamilton is a … performer, novelist, and alum of HBO’s ‘Def Poetry Jam,'” according to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. “She also has been an arts envoy for the U.S. Embassy, working in cultural exchange programs in Botswana, Toronto, Mauritius, and Beirut.”