Reviewing LinkedIn’s 2022 Global Trends Report

LinkedIn recently shared their 2022 Global Talent Trends Report, highlighting analysis of job postings, responses to those posts, and interaction data from LinkedIn users. This report provides a number of valuable insights into the ways that people view the current job market, as well as their current positions and needs. Here are a few highlights to think about:

  • Company culture matters. Whether it is for a prospective employee or a current one looking to advance, the company culture plays a significant role in how people perceive employment opportunities and their future.
  • Flexibility is key. The pandemic accelerated trends towards a flexible workforce that isn’t going away. Between technology advancements and generational changes, the office is now just one place where business is occurring.
  • Well-being, especially mental, matters. People value their personal well-being in the workplace more than ever, especially their work-life balance and mental health. Companies that support their employee’s individual needs reap the benefits.
  • The Great Reshuffle, not The Great Resignation. Opportunity is everywhere, not just for employees. Employers can make themselves into workplaces of choice with clear, authentic branding and open communication.

The details mentioned above represent a basic overview of the information included within the 2022 Global Talent Trends Report. I suggest taking some time to read through the entire report as it includes data and specific actions that can be taken within organizations. Understanding these trends is a great place to start developing company culture, or your own professional journey.


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2022 Global Talent Trends Report, LinkedIn Talent Solutions.

Writing/Research Credit: Christopher Ledvina, UW-Green Bay Business Development Specialist