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Bird in the Wings goes Crewl!

CrewlArt that is, because in this episode, Kelli sits down with local visual artist & founder of CrewlArt, Gregory Frederic. They discuss his artistic journey from Haiti all the way to Green Bay, as well as the inspiration behind his striking pieces. Happy Listening!

3ede3f40f913307f98a15177050fc399About Our Guest:

Born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Gregory Frederic uses color to chronicle every single day. In 2008 he was mentored by successful Haitian artists to start his career painting ‘still life’ subject matter in oil paint.  He began working as a muralist for the World Health Organization and sold commissioned paintings. Later he would change mediums, and develop his own special techniques with acrylics. He relocated to Green Bay in 2013, and now lives with his family while managing CrewlArt, which comes from his childhood nickname, “Crewl.” Frederic continues adding to his list of satisfied collectors and represents local artists at fine art fairs and galleries throughout the country.

To learn more about Gregory, and to view his work, visit

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