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Photo Memory 25 - Man taking measurements of a stuffed bird specimen in the Richter Collection

Richter Collection

This photo shows a scene of ornithological study. A young man records measurements from specimens that have been cataloged and stored in the Richter Museum of Natural History. Does this photo invoke memories for...

Photo memory 24 - Tree Sample

Tree study

This photo shows a man taking a sample from the trunk of a mature red oak tree. Do you know who he is, where this tree is, or what he is doing? Please share...

Photo memory 23 - Stream water testing

Stream Water Testing 2

In this photo two co-eds crouch over a stream near cement culverts collecting water samples. Please share your memories about this in the comments field below

Photo memory 22 - Stream water testing

Stream water testing

This photo shows two men crouched beside a stream conducting water tests. One is wearing a large backpack and there appears to be a footbridge in the distance. Can you share any information about...

Two men in an outboard fishing boat conducting water tests

Water Testing

This is a photo of two men in an outboard fishing boat collecting water samples. Can you share anything about who they are, where they are, or what they’re doing? Please comment in the...

Photo memory 19 - Botanical studies

Botanical studies

This photo appears to be a scene of a botanical study. A young woman and two young men crouch near a string marking a row of plants; a trowel is in the ground. Do...

Photo memory 18 - Glass Recycling Station

Glass Recycling Station

Here isĀ  a photo of an early glass recycling station. The sign in this photo reads: THIS IS THE GLASS KITTY PLEASE: All Glass containers should be clean. Positively no metal rings or caps....