In Memoriam, Deceased Alumni May-August 2023

Doug Meyer ’91, Human Development

Michael Charles ’10, Master of Science in Applied Leadership for Teaching & Learning

John Goswitz ’03, Associate of Arts & Science

Robert Mitchell ’72, Managerial Sciences

William Kispert ’88, English

Cletus Alsteen ’79, Popular Dynamics

Hilda Brovold ’77, Humanistic Studies

Judith Lindbom ’90, General Studies

Barbara Looze ’71, Growth and Development

Edward Bauknecht ’71, Communication and the Arts

Willam Henderson ’74, Humanistic Studies

Mark Seidl ’74, Growth and Development

Chad Rosenberger ’01, Associate of Arts & Sciences

James Eisenmann ’91, Associate or Arts & Sciences

Jennifer Horkman ’93, Humanic Studies

Andrew Langlois ’89, English

Roger Anderson ’72, Regional Analysis

Dale Brandt ’74, Managerial Systems

Angela Shobe ’83, Social Change and Development

Dolores Dargan ’81, Master of Environmental Arts and Sciences

Karen Westenberger ’90, Managerial Accounting

Christian Akiwowo ’74, Managerial Systems; Christian received the Distinguish Alumni Award in 2004.

Janice Leschke ’85, Managerial Accounting

John Kugle ’77, Urban Analysis

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