Great news for anyone interested in the Mexico Study Trip.  Due to the interest in this Spanish immersion opportunity, Dr. Vandenhouten has negotiated group airfare for anyone leaving from Northeast Wisconsin.  More details will follow once fares are finalized.

Also, anyone interested in  taking the course not for credit may audit the course.  Finally, anyone wanting to take the course for only two credits can register for two credits rather than three.  For alumni and others not needing the graded credits for degree attainment, auditing two credits may be ideal.  Taking the course for three credits will requre completion of a project after returning from Mexico, while two credits will not require a project.  

Anyone still interested should contact one of our advisors soon as registrations should be made by October 1.  If you have additional questions, especially related to airfare and travel itinerary, contact Dr. Vandenhouten at