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10 Ways to Get Involved with UW-Green Bay

12120008_10153955707318455_8451781152468978332_oDo you ever wonder how you can get reconnected with your alma mater? Well we’ve helped you figure it out with this handy list. Check it out! 

  1. Attend Alumni Events
  2. Be Social – Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.
  3. Give Back to Scholarships – You remember what it was like trying to pay for the great education you have. Now’s your chance to help students following in your footsteps. There’s plenty of need.
  4. Join an Alumni Association Committee or Taskforce – Do you think our super fun events create themselves? No! We need your help! Sign up to help on any one of our committees or taskforces including: Scholarships, Fund Development, Student/Alumni Engagement, and Awards.
  5. Mentor New Graduates – New grads look up to alumni who’ve been out in the work world for a while and have a lot to learn from you. We’ve created a guided mentoring program to provide you and your mentee a meaningful experience.
  6. Provide Internship Opportunities to Students – Students are always looking for ways to get their foot in the door. You could help them take that first step by working with your employer and the UWGB Career Services department to create internships.
  7. Recruit Students – As an alum, you are UW-Green Bay’s strongest recruiter. Share your UWGB experience and love for your alma mater with potential students. Consider going back to your high school and speaking in a favorite class about how UW-Green Bay led you to your career.
  8. Sit on the Alumni Association Board of Directors – Do you want to be a part of the driving force behind your Alumni Association? This is where it’s done! Join your highly professional, highly respected, diverse Alumni Association Board to make things happen.
  9. Volunteer for Community Events as a UWGB RepresentativeGiving back is fun and it’s the right thing to do. Next time you participate in a food drive, wear your UWGB hat. UWGB alumni also volunteer for events together. Ask us where to sign up.
  10. Wear your UWGB Gear – There’s no better way to show your UWGB pride than to wear your UWGB gear…here there and everywhere! Check out The Phoenix Bookstore for the latest styles.

To learn more, contact your Alumni Director Kari Moody at moodyk@uwgb.edu or 920-465-2226.

The PRIDE Shirt

You get to be involved in creating a UWGB alumni tradition…The PRIDE Shirt!  Each year graphic design alumni will create different t-shirt designs and our alumni will vote on their favorite. The winning design will be unveiled at ‘Alumni Reunion Days’ and is the official t-shirt of the event. In fact, one PRIDE shirt will be included with each registration for ‘Alumni Reunion Days!’

You can also purchase the unique collectible PRIDE shirt throughout the year as a spirited way to show your pride and support scholarships. The best part of this new tradition is that proceeds will support the UW-Green Bay Alumni Association Legacy Scholarship which is awarded to students following in the footsteps of a family member who attended UW-Green Bay. You not only get a super cool t-shirt but you are supporting students attending UW-Green Bay. What a great way to show your pride and give back!

So watch the Alumni Facebook page and Twitter for the designs to choose from. This is going to be fun!!!