Photo memory 69 - 1980s Show Choir

Show Choir – 1980s

Photo memory 69 - 1980s Show Choir

Photo memory 69 - 1980s Show Choir

We believe this show choir photo was taken in the 1980s. Can you provide any more information? Please share any show choir memories you may have.

4 thoughts on “Show Choir – 1980s

  1. Tina Thielen-Gaffey

    the people in this 1985 photo are:
    bottom left up and around to bottom right (outside circle):
    Becky Martin, Scott Oftedahl, Eric Hoffman, Duane Woelfel, Tina Thielen (Gaffey), Mark Peot, Jeff Noeldner, Kristy Robinicki, Mark Schmandt, Tom Busch, Tim Wagner, ??????

    Standing inside the circle:
    next to Eric Hoffman is Coco Benoit
    next to Tom Busch is ??????

    The five point design in the middle:
    Middle guy is Ron Murphy
    kneeling girl on left is ????
    knelling girl on right is Ellen ?????
    standing on left behind kneeling girl is Paula Rocheleau
    standing on right behind kneeling girl is Doreen Schneider

    This is a photo of the inaugural Sound Idea, directed by Trinidad Chavez.

    I may have a program lying around. I’ll see if I can dig it up and ID the ?????

  2. Stephen Fels

    This was the inaugural season 1985-1986, of the UWGB Show Jazz Choir, under Trini Chavez. My apologies, to those whose names escape me at the moment (or that I misspell). I was in the backing band, on bass.
    L-R Becky (last name?), Scott Oftedahl, Duane Woehlful, Eric Hoffman, Collette Benoit, ?, Tina Thielen-Gaffney, Paula Rocheleau-Hernandez, Mark Peot, ?, ?, Doreen Schneider, Kristi Rolbiecki, Ellen Merriman, Amy Podolski, Mark Schmandt, D. Thomas Busch, ?, ?

  3. Scott Oftedahl

    Left to right: Becky Martin Rego, Scott Oftedahl, Duane Woelfel, Erik Hoffmann, Collette Benoit, Barb (unknown last name), Tina Thielen Gaffney, Mark Peot, Ron Murphy (center), Jeff Knoellner, Doreen Schneider, Kristi (unknown), Ellen Merriman, Amy Podolski, Mark Schmandt, D. Thomas Busch, Tim (unknown last name), Maddie Gadjkowski.

  4. Tony L.

    This was taken in the mid-80s (probably around 1987). The blonde woman in the upper left is Tina Thielen (now Gaffney). The male student the farthest lower left is Scott Oftedahl. The female student kneeling on the right side is Ellen ??? I have contacted them to see if they can identify more.

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