Photo memory 63 - Student artists

Student artists work outdoors

Photo memory 63 - Student artists

Photo memory 63 - Student artists

Two students sit on the lawn under a shade tree producing artwork. One uses a clay tool to create impressions in the soft coils of a ceramic piece. The other sits with large sheets of two-dimensional artwork. Behind them, a dog chained to the tree is barely noticeable. A hand holding a lit cigarette is visible on the bottom right. This scene is set beside a road with a concrete structure in the background. Can you identify when and where this photo was taken or who is in it? Please share your comments and memories below.

One thought on “Student artists work outdoors

  1. Stephen Fels

    My understanding is that the concrete structure was an engineering test of the concrete fabrication used in much of the campus. If I remember correctly, it stands east, or southeast of the Studio Arts building.


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