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Photo Memories

A vintage photo series in which viewers may participate by sharing their memories.

Olson, Pollis and Nair

Photo memory 75 - Olson, Pollis, and Nair stand with an unidentified gentleman

Photo memory 75 - Olson, Pollis, and Nair stand with an unidentified gentleman

Jerry Olson (left), Carol Pollis, Ganga Nair (right) and an unidentified man wearing horn-rimmed glasses stand at a rough-hewn decorative landscaping fence commonly found on campus in the early years of UW-Green Bay. Can you identify the fourth person? Do you know what building is behind them, when this was taken or why they’re gathered here? Please share in the text field below.

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5 Responses to “Olson, Pollis and Nair”

  1. Karl Boehler says:

    Jerry Olson was one of the many wonderful people who have worked at GB, and he was a great Dean of Students. He had concern and compassion for the students and dedication to the university. He helped a lot of us succeed.

  2. Poppy Grant says:

    The building in the background is Shorewood East. It presently is the UW-Green Bay Shorewood Pro shop. They are looking out over the first tee, towards the Studio Arts Building. Shorewood West was torn down, after the Commons (now University Union) was built due to a failing roof and electrical system.

  3. Elizabeth Nair says:

    The photo is from 1975 to honor the First Founders Association Award Recipients.
    From left to right: Gerald Olson – Excellence Academic Support
    Schafer Williams – Excellence in Teaching
    Carol Pollis – Excellence Institutional Development
    Ganga Nair – Excellence in Scholarship

  4. Tony L. says:

    I believe at the time that building was the Shorewood Club? And the golf pro shop was to their right (now torn down). Looks like late 70s is my guess.

  5. Tony L. says:

    The guy looks familiar for some reason but can’t place him.

    It looks like they are standing on the first tee at Shorewood Golf Course, with the current clubhouse in the background.

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