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Photo Memories

A vintage photo series in which viewers may participate by sharing their memories.

Student artists work outdoors

Photo memory 63 - Student artists

Photo memory 63 - Student artists

Two students sit on the lawn under a shade tree producing artwork. One uses a clay tool to create impressions in the soft coils of a ceramic piece. The other sits with large sheets of two-dimensional artwork. Behind them, a dog chained to the tree is barely noticeable. A hand holding a lit cigarette is visible on the bottom right. This scene is set beside a road with a concrete structure in the background. Can you identify when and where this photo was taken or who is in it? Please share your comments and memories below.

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One Response to “Student artists work outdoors”

  1. Stephen Fels says:

    My understanding is that the concrete structure was an engineering test of the concrete fabrication used in much of the campus. If I remember correctly, it stands east, or southeast of the Studio Arts building.

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