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Photo Memories

A vintage photo series in which viewers may participate by sharing their memories.

UW-Green Bay Men’s soccer ca. 1970-1971

Photo memory 46 - UW-Green Bay Men's soccer ca.1970-1971

Photo memory 46 - UW-Green Bay Men's soccer ca.1970-1971

Here’s a photo of UW-Green Bay Men’s soccer team playing against Purdue University, circa 1970-1971. Do you have any memories about this photo or recognize anyone in it? Please share your comments in the fields below.

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6 Responses to “UW-Green Bay Men’s soccer ca. 1970-1971”

  1. Rick Riehl says:

    Yup Danny Lang was a sophomore that year

  2. Rod Czerwonka says:

    That is Ewald Toldt to the left of Danny Lang. I played with Ewald in 1973. Great guy!!

  3. Danny Lang is second from the right in the striped shirt. I was on the JV squad during my freshman year in 1969-’70 and then joined him in the varsity soccer training camp in late summer 1970. Good defensive player.

  4. nancy weidner says:

    That is Dan Lang. He was a student worker in the library. I believe he was in the education program and became a teacher.

  5. Tom Loomer says:

    I think Dan Lang is the third guy from the right.

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