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Photo Memories

A vintage photo series in which viewers may participate by sharing their memories.

Water Testing

Two men in an outboard fishing boat conducting water tests

Photo memory 21 - Two men in an outboard fishing boat collecting water samples

This is a photo of two men in an outboard fishing boat collecting water samples. Can you share anything about who they are, where they are, or what they’re doing? Please comment in the text fields below.


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One Response to “Water Testing”

  1. jim wiersma says:

    This a picture of Professors Paul Sager (left) and Jim Wiersma (right) taking water samples on lower Green Bay. They did some of the earliest studies on the condition of lower Green Bay and the lower Fox River. The boat was the first boat UWGreen Bay aquired for aquatic research. It was later stolen from the old barn that stood along highway 54/57. The culprit turned out to be one of our own security staff. The boat was recovered and returned to campus several years after it was stolen. Jim Wiersma

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