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Photo Memories

A vintage photo series in which viewers may participate by sharing their memories.

Earth Ball

Photo memory 20 - Students playing with the Earth Ball

Photo memory 20 - Students playing with the Earth Ball

Here is an action shot of students with the Earth Ball. Three students appear to have fallen off and one is in the process of falling on top of them. Do you have any memories to share regarding this photo? If so, please tell them in the comment field below.

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3 Responses to “Earth Ball”

  1. vliesk says:

    Via facebook Juli Tetzlaff-Vallejo posted:
    The first and last time I went over the Earth Ball, (Intro to Personal Communications), I was wearing stirrup pants. Given the human chain link, I found myself unable to keep my pants up as I rolled over Argentina and proceeded to moon everyone behind me. No pun intended.

  2. vliesk says:

    Hello, Lynn.
    You may click on the photo any photo in this Photo Memories series to view it larger.

    I’ve also uploaded a larger file of this particular image.

    Click here to view the larger image.

  3. Lynn Sygiel says:

    I believe that the person behind the Earth Ball is Dan Glazer (he lives in Milwaukee). If it was possible to enlarge, I could tell for sure.


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