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Photo Memories

A vintage photo series in which viewers may participate by sharing their memories.

Mike Murphy Teaching

Photo memory 11 - Mike Murphy teaching

Photo memory 11 - Mike Murphy teaching

Here is a photo of Mike Murphy writing on a chalk board with students in the foreground. Mike Murphy taught a wide variety of English, Humanities, and LES courses. Please share any of your memories as they relate to this photo.

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2 Responses to “Mike Murphy Teaching”

  1. Karl Boehler says:

    The two classes I took with Mike Murphy were amazing, just what one would want in gen-ed course: stimulating, challenging, and entertaining. His love of the material was evident in every class, and his tolerance for idiocy was most appreciated.

  2. Lynn Rademacher Sygiel says:

    Mike Murphy helped a group of students open a art gallery as their LES project. My parents owned a barn on the city’s Westside and there were many art students who had no where to share their work. He was an accessible professor.

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