Ace survey shows young alumni satisfaction

Alumni might be interested in the most recent findings of a UW System-wide Young Alumni Survey. In a quick snapshot of responses, UW-Green Bay alumni were overall very favorable of their experience. The responses of UW-Green alumni, and if available, the national average, follows:

  • 94% have a favorable impression of their alma mater
  • 75% believe that America’s colleges and universities are prepared to meet the challenges of the future (national average – 61%)
  • 69% think that colleges and universities are adequately preparing students for the demands of the future (national average – 62%)
  • 85% say they were “effectively prepared with the knowledge and skills” they needed (national average – 81%)
  • 79% say their undergraduate experience prepared them for their current job (national average – 85%)
  • 77% say they would attend the same school if they could begin again (national average – 79%)
  • 93% think their institution charged them a fair price for their college education (national average – 76%)
  • 92% think that their college education was worth all the time and money (national average – 89%)