Elaina Koltz

“When I interviewed for a classified position with UWGB’s admission office in early spring 1999, I was pleasantly surprised to find those interviewing me had been with UWGB for more than 10 years each. This was a great sign that it was a positive place to work. As time went by, I was again surprised at the opportunities available to those who wanted to advance. That is exactly what I did. When I was active duty with the Army, I took advantage of every opportunity I could. I was ecstatic to find I could do the same at UWGB. I completed my bachelor degree in Psych and Human Development and applied for the Financial Aid Advisor/Veteran Certifying Official staff position. Even though I am an advisor, not a program manager, I was given the freedom to program for our veteran students on campus. I have been saying for years I love my job! I love working with students and staff who want to be a part of UW-Green Bay! Most of all I love assisting our country’s heroes and their families with Veteran education benefits.”
Financial Aid Advisor/Veteran Services
She | Her | Hers
Hometown: Gray, Wisconsin
Started in 1998

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