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I offer opportunities for students to become involved in my teaching and research through assistanships, and also oversee interships and independent studies.  For the latter two, individual students generally develop an idea and discuss it with me in a meeting they arrange through e-mail.  Then they submit a proposal and we create a syllabus together.

For teaching and research assistantships, students first fill out an application (see below) and turn it in to me.  I review them, and if a student meets the requirements I am looking for, I will contact the individual to set up a face-to-face interview.  During the interview we will talk about the details of the research or teaching and the tasks the student will be doing, the students interests and background, and generally find out if we are a good fit for one another.  If we are, then we will fill out the paperwork and create a syllabus.  The student will take the paperwork around to collect signatures of the Chair of Human Development or Social Change and Development, and then deliver it to the registrar.

Next fall there will be three or four RA slots.

My current research foci are in three areas:

Archival:  The study of immigration to Northeastern Wisconsin since Europeans first came to the region up to the present.  This research involves library and census research.  RAs would help me work with the census data that has already been collected, so knowledge of SPSS or Excel would be very helpful.  Alternatively, RAs would continue to collect and interpret first hound immigrant accounts and collate them.  Ability to read German, Dutch, Belgian, French or other European languages a large plus, but not a requirement.

Ethnographic: The study of how diverse groups construct childhood in Amman, Jordan and how children themselves navigate multiple constructions of childhood.  I am in the first year of a projected three-year project.   Assistants would help with many different aspects of the research, from literature review, editing, content analysis, coding and analyzing of multiple types of qualitative data.

I usually have possibilities for Teaching Assistantships for two Cross-Cultural Human Development classes each semester.  Every fall I need two TAs for Myth, Symbol, Ritual and Religion.  Check the Human Development “Want Ads” for Human Sexuality TA openings.

If you are interested, please download the appropriate application and return it to me through e-mail or drop it in my mail box in MAC C wing.

Ethnographic Research Assistanship       Teaching Assistantship for Cross-Cultural Human Development