How to Manage Your Precious Time

Time Management is an important life lesson that helps students, employees, and everyday people succeed. Not only is time management a skill professors, friends, and even future employers desire it helps you keep your sanity as well!


Scheduling out your time is super important! It keeps you on track, responsible, and  aware everything going on in your life. As busy college students the benefits of scheduling out every aspect of your life is key. You could make it as detailed as you wish but knowing when and where you need to be places and do things helps you stay focused.


Prioritizing has many benefits including planning, future career’s, as well as keeping you happy and healthy. One suggestion is to make a list, of all the things going on in your life. Take the list and figure out where everything ranks from highest priority to lowest priority. This with help with scheduling as well as putting your time into the things you really see worth in and enjoy!

Plan Ahead

Have you ever felt the sense that many things are happening all at once and you just can’t seem to catch up?  This feeling is never fun, but if you start looking ahead at the coming days, weeks, or even months you can start planning and handling what’s to come. When you start to look ahead you can create a game plan or ever start spacing things out so when crunch time comes it’s not so bad!

Wiggle Room

In life things happen, your car won’t start, you forgot to eat lunch, or even your shoe came untied you tripped down the stairs and now you are in the ER! Now I hope that never happens to anyone but the point I am trying to make is that purposefully leaving space in your day or even between responsibilities gives you some time to collect yourself before jumping into your life again.

Let’s go find Success!

Author: Katie Sorebo