Setting a GoalĀ 

Have a Game Plan: In any sport or activity athletes and coaches develop game plans that help them reach their full potential in a game, season, and in life. After hard word and dedication that goal can become a reality. Think of yourself as an academic athlete with professors, academic advisors, and faculty members as your coaches. Develop a game plan for your college career so you can best achieve your desired goals!

Long vs Short Term Goals: You want to make both long and short term goals. The short term goals should be small and considered stepping stones to help you reach your ultimate long term goal/s.

Make them Realistic: Every person is different with different abilities, strengths, and passions. The things you are personally good at and have a passion for should be reflected in your goals and accomplishments too!

Goal Types: Why limit yourself to just academic goals? Go for that marathon, part in the play, or position at work. Goal setting can be done to help achieve anything, at anytime, with anyone, the possibilities are endless so why not got for it!

Author: Katie Sorebo