We have the PsycHD club and Psi Chi which is the Psi Chi honor society. ANYONE and EVERYONE who is interest in psychology or learning a bit more about psychology is welcome to attend both organization’s meetings and events.
The sponsored meetings/events are every Tuesday at 6:00pm in MAC 210 and are also live on Zoom for those who wish to attend virtually. PsycHD and Psi Chi switch off weeks in which they sponsor meetings/events. This semester we are planning incorporating something each week whether it is guest speakers, Q&A panels, workshops, social events, and much more. If this interests you please stop by MAC 210 Tuesdays at 6:00pm.
You can also keep up with our social media where we will post updates about events and meeting on:
  • Facebook
    • UWGB PsycHD Club
    • UWGB Psi Chi
  • Instagram:uwgb_psychd
  • Snapchat: gb_psychclub
If you have anymore questions feel free to email the clubs at:
  • PsycHD: sophd@uwgb.edu
  • Psi Chi: sopsichi@uwgb.edu