PsycHD Club Officers

Cecelia Limmex

Name: Cecelia Limmex

Major: Psychology with a General Emphasis

Minor: Humanities with a World Culture Emphasis

Position: President

Future Plans: Attend graduate school for Social Work.

Taylor Kegen

Name: Taylor Kegen

Major: Psychology

Minor: Human Biology

Position: Vice President

Future Plans: Become a child counselor.

Name: Stephanie Felland

Major: Psychology

Minor: Women and Gender Studies

Position: Secretary

Future Plans: Pursue Masters in Social Work or Counseling.

Name: Hannah Mohoric

Major: Psychology with a Mental Health Emphasis

Minor: Sociology

Position: Public Relations

Future Plans: Either pursue School Psychology or Behavioral Health.

Name: Jocelyn Hamann

Major: Psychology

Position: Treasurer

Future Plans: Either working with older adults or doing something in the school system.